Team Bonding and all the other things that cost a fortune


They voted for the structure. they were offered another option.

Wicklow and others turned it down. The reality is nobody wants to see Wicklow playing.


The GAA did not recognise the GPA initially and put together their own Players Advisory Group under Jar lath Burns. They eventually had to succumb and they will here too. 98% of players are club players. We need to take a step back from a system that has club players signing CONTRACTS in their clubs. It shows how conditioned people’s thinking becomes that this was not seen as appalling. This is not progress. All change is not necessarily good. Nor is it inevitable. Clubs should not have to do without players for nine months. End of.


There was nothing in that Brigid’s contract. It’s not a good example. That was a manager recognising a shambles (which Brigids have been) and attempting to put some structure in place. And one of his players sold the management team and the panel down the river.

If you took the holidays out of it what was wrong exactly?

Clubs cannot do without revenue. That comes from the County game. Whether you like it or not. That is the one cast iron fact neither the CPA nor yourself can explain

End of


Nonsense. No amateur player should be asked to sign a contract, regardless of what’s in it. It’s a pastime. Full stop. You see yourself as an independent thinker but on this, you certainly aren’t. As for revenue, most clubs are self sufficient and get nothing from Croke Park or Parnell Park apart from half of the salaries of the Games Promotion Officers, whose merit I hugely question. So there you go. The world won’t end if there is less money. Clubs will go on. End of.


And who is suggesting fewer county games?

I’m suggesting far less training. And lads playing more games for their clubs rather than all that training. That’s all.


A terribly unfortunate metaphor.

I didn’t realise we were competing with professional sports. How does hundreds of training sessions and very few games help us compete with professional sports?

Surely more rather than less exposure of our top players at local level is what we want.


Clubs have gotten funding from Croke Park all the time to build facilities. All the time.

They have also bailed out some clubs as well to prevent them going to the wall. You do that with revenue.

there is no revenue in an AFL 2 game in the Dublin Mountains somewhere regardless of what county players are participating.


Anyone who doesn’t believe the GAA directly competes with professional sports to encourage young people to play GAA really is away with the fairies.

How does it help? Do you think the GAA would get such good sponsorship deals if it cut the inter county season by 3 months? Not a hope.

In my opinion we should get begetting county teams to play more games not less in the same time-frame. Having a proper league like the Premiership with 19/20 games per annum. Cut the county players out of the club scene and club players get their lives back.

The GAA isn’t going to die as a result of 1 percent of it’s playing population not playing club football. It’s 10 years too late for this debate that somehow the clubs are going to get control back.


Yet again you are arguing against something no one is proposing. At best the season might be shortened by a month. At best.

What is being argued for is less training and more games for players with their clubs.

And anyone who thinks that clubs are simply going to hand over their best players to the county never to see them again is equally living in fairy land.


They already have Alan. Some play 2-3 games per year with a club. The horse bolted 10 years ago on this


Money or promotion shouldn’t come into it, nobody is advocating less inter county games. It’s such a simple solution, 3-4 weeks between inter county games, instead of those lads training 15 times between those games, get them out playing a round of championship with the club.


Why should my club, or indeed any club, have to play without a player that it requires for a championship game, even in another code? What exactly is the core ethos of the GAA? What is the only way you can be a member of the GAA?

Exactly the point! Due to the structure of the inter county games programme clubs are not prepared to play during the summer months without players who are involved with Dublin teams. Look at the 2017 games programme January is taken up with cups, February to the end of April with National Leagues, Colleges and Under 21 football. There are four free weeks from the end of April to mid May. This is the time when County Boards usually try to play the opening rounds of championship. From May 28th to the end of July one or other Dublin team will play each week in football or hurling championship or backdoor or under 21 hurling. August and September are dependent on performances up to the end of July but Dublin has been involved in at least one code in August for 15 of the last 17 years.
You have got yourself hung up on inter county training which is not the problem for Dublin even if it is elsewhere. The problem Dublin has is the number of games that must be played at inter county level and when they are played. Having teams out almost every week means that club competitions cannot be played as club will refuse to do so due to absent players. One solution suggested is that Dublin teams play two codes on the same weekend but if that happens people will complain about having to spend double money on tickets, travel, food and drink etc on the one weekend if the draws don’t allow games to be on the same double bill.


Money does come into it. The GAA is a multi million euro business now.


But it doesn’t, the same amount of inter county games being played, same amount of money coming in, just with lads playing for the club in between, rather than just training for 3/4 weeks.


It’s not going to happen . The months of August / september is when the premiership kicks of . The all Ireland series does a fantastic job in those months negating the media coverage of it and being the main sporting event spoken about in Ireland

When it comes to securing big sponsorship deals that really does count


You seem to be struggling with the concept that there is no change to the inter county season but just that the players are released during the gaps. That is feasible. Whether it happens or not is a different matter but constantly saying it’s a multi million euro business means nothing in that context?


You’re not even trying to understand my point


You miss the point that there are no gaps in which to release all the players. If hurlers are free footballers aren’t and when footballers are free hurlers aren’t . Training has nothing to do with it. The schedule of matches does. The easy option is to blaim managers and back room people and their training methods but it is not their fault


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You miss the point that there are no gaps in which to release all the players. If hurlers are free footballers aren’t and when footballers are free hurlers aren’t . Training has nothing to do with it. The schedule of matches does. The easy option is to blaim managers and back room people and their training methods but it is not their fault

Hurling and football are irrelevant in most if not virtually all instances.

Dublin will likely play no more than fourteen football games from the first round of the league to the AI final should they get there. There are thirty five(!) weeks between the first round of the league and the AI final. That’s 21 weeks when lads are NOT playing for Dublin.

So what I am saying is that players, instead of bonding weekends and training camps and whatever other shite they get up to should, on the vast majority of these weekends, be playing with their clubs. League or championship is up to the county board to decide. The issue of hurling is all but dead. Clubs would accept that dual players could not be catered for for league games but efforts would be made to do so for championship.

That is perfectly doable once the inter county manager is put back in his place.


Plenty of league games can be played without dual players.