Super 8 Group 2


Correct. In his 2/3 games that he played for us, he was shite! :slight_smile:


Didnt know he played for BK…how did that come about!!!


Year after we won a Dublin championship, he wanted to join a Dublin club and asked about us. We of course said yes, but he only played some of our championship and none of our league games and he was pretty shit IIRC. Open to correction, as it was about 33 years ago or so!!!


Great to see us animated about McStay - like it matters. Stay above it FFS …


His sister Grainne in a lovely girl. I worked with her in Boston back in the '80s.


There are two very separate issues, but important ones in the McStay thing (and also with Connolly). Firstly, you can’t push officials - you just can’t. There is no game if that is allowed, it would finish it.

Secondly, if the linesman sees something happening that is illegal, he has to tell the ref. He can’t tell him every third one or decide not to bother him. If he sees it, and the ref doesn’t, he has to tell him.

But the two things aren’t linked. Two wrongs and all that…


This is not totally correct. The linesman cannot bring to the attention of the ref every breach of the playing rules by a player. If he see’s something that merits further action (i.e. card) then he advises the ref of the breach and allows the ref to make up his own mind.

Agree totally with your views re physical contact with match officials and would go further and say that the verbal abuse you hear from mentors (at club and county level) is unacceptable too - but it appears, accepted!! Is it no wonder that the players frequently mimic this behaviour?


Ah no ah no.

Makes our last game a bit shite. We’re through their out. He’ll travell and be in the stands and their supporters won’t.

Injuries and everything dependant I’d nearly start all the lads on the bench yesterday and rest a few like James McCarthy. Play con o Callaghan at 14 and hopefully a few scores would help confidence.

I said it week’s ago the Rossies were vastly overrated and physically smaller than all the teams left.

Only question for ‘Ah no’ is if he hangs around next year to get a batin in div 1 or tries to get the cushy Sunday game gig again.


HQ will be praying for the KOTF to win today. If Galway (nap) and Monaghan win today then Donegal v Tyrone will be the only game in the third round that really matters.


Straightforward win for Donegal. They simply are a superior team and it makes a mockery of league placings that the Rossies will be playing in a higher division in 2019. I could not understand the Roscommon ‘ploy’ of simply lumping the ball out into the middle of the pitch where Donegal simply dominated. Brainless stuff. I’d have to say too that Mc Stay’s actions towards the linesman were nothing short of a disgrace - intimidating and humiliating the fella in front of a large crowd. I hope there’s a lengthy ban on the way. Totally unacceptable! :angry:


Couldn’t reply on other thread, but Murchan plays for Na Fianna and Howard alongside Fenton in Raheny, If latter had a few forwards they would be serious contenders for SFC.

Fancy Monaghan to do the Kingdom today.

Just saw McStay this morning. His erratic behaviour is clearly reflected in the head staggers which a basically decent team have taken in all their games in the championship.


Stayed in Monaghan last night after the game , had a function to attend. Worried looking Kerry fans around the hotel wondering how they ended up with a do or die game in clones.


I hope Monaghan win today but I have a bad feeling about this.


Monaghan have the team and the system to overturn Kerry today imo, they just have to have belief in themselves and not get overawed by the occasion, as has happened to them before. But the fact they’re in familiar surroundings in Clones is massive for that reason.


Well if Tyrone can push us that close in their own patch I see no reason why the only team to beat us this year couldn’t do the same to a team that were a shambles last week. They just need to believe.


Hope the players believe, Monaghan fans I spoke to are nt overly confident . Keep it tight and low scoring and they could nick it by 1 or 2. I think the kingdom overestimated the step up it would be for their younger players Clifford excepted.


Monaghan need to have a more positive attitude than their supporters. Kerry defence is very weak. Letting their forwards come on to you could be disaster, Monaghan need to hit them where they are most vulnerable. Left side defence and midfield. Quick ball in to McManus. Will thrive on frees if nothing else. Confident Monaghan will get rid of them.


Anyone read O’Rourkes column hes talking about on TSG ?


Good open game Galway Kildare.


Galway will certainly score goals here today.