Super 8 Group 2


I hope you’re right mate. I really do. Been nervous about this one all week


I think it could be very close & wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if we lost .
Its not like going up there for a league game , this means something which ups the stakes.


Once Dublin turn up at play at full pace, we will win bigly !!


Huuuuuuuggggggeeeee win


Tyrone have looked impressive against lesser teams, but they’re still not near the Dubs imo and this will serve as a reminder of that. I’m sure it will be tight and niggly early on, but the better players will prevail.


Lets hope the occasion gets to them .
They need very little motivation after the hammering last year .


Kevin McStay threw the ball at the linesman earlier, missed that at the time!


Ah! but if he shakes the referee’s hand everything will be fine plus he’s not from Dublin !


He “played” for Ballymun though, that might be enough grounds to ban him!


Just seen the incident where he threw the ball and hit the linesman in the head with it. Disgraceful behaviour from a manager.


Very accurate though !


I think the fact he lobbed the ball as opposed to forceably launching at the ref might save his bacon but he’s threading a fine line between minor interference with an official and something more serious there imo


Ah he’s just a rascal


As long as he wasn’t still connected to the ball they’ll loophole the shite out of it.

The referee in telling him to sit on his bench may be “dealing with it” so don’t get your hopes up for the 12 weeks…


Why wasn’t he sent to the stand?


Sending him to stands is bad news for McStay. Had he not been sent off it might be seen as the ref thinking there was nothing in it. We won’t see McStay next week


Hang on. Was he not sent to the stand?




He wasnt that good there…


No he was sent to the “bench” Comical shite