Super 8 Group 2


Did he ?


At least twice


They’ve called it out on Sky.


Oh , that’s not good .


If he doesn’t get 12 weeks for that…


Nobody wants to see bans dished out but finally a bit of consistency in how incidents are critiqued


Wonder will TSG analyse that McStay incident forensically tomorrow night or are these things only bad when a Dublin player does it…


He will. They’ve no choice.


Sky did it already


Well the ref must have had words , McStay on the bench now.
Is that ref the one who was a linesman for the Connolly incident ?


I know they have but we all know what Pat and others are like when these incidents occur with no involvement from Dublin.


He is.


Murphy having a great game


Jesus that marking on Murphy is atrocious. He’s a great player but you’d imagine better teams would have adapted better and have a plan in place to try and stifle the likes of him. Roscommon just aren’t able to do that.


Yeah , it happened last week


Exactly! But there’s others besides, Roscommon are just tactically inept


Id say there will be a terrible crowd for the Dublin Roscommon game . We should nearly offer to play it in the Hyde out of sympathy .


Murphy covering alot of yards for a big unit , puts Aido to shame .


Don’t speak too soon. We may need to win that game and win it very well too


No worries pal , have ya not been reading here .
Apparently we are going to have no problem beating Tyrone this evening , superior all over the park :wink: