Super 8 Group 2


0.7 - 0.4 Donegal
Eoghan Ban Gallagher gone off injured


The Roscommon long balls into the FF line are crazy. They’re pumping the ball into one forward surrounded by three defenders and the goalkeeper. The Tyrone form is taking a bit of knock in this game.


Roscommon are tactically clueless. They’ll continue to get the odd opening but not make enough of them, while Donegal will continue to do enough to keep adding another score here and there and gradually increase their lead.


Been bossed all over the park .


Super 8s just can’t catch fire. Badly need the next game to be some way competitive. The structure is not the issue.


Roscommon would have been knocked out at this stage under the old system . Which results in this dross .


Best performance I’ve seen from Murphy in a long while. Roscommon just don’t have the capacity to come up with a plan to deal with him


H h how th th th the fff uck ddid Hugo’s gg gossan get a j job on the telly?
He’s some cuttering stunt.


12 week ban for McStay




Get off McStay ye gobshite


Just trying to fire up the troops :joy:


0.10 - 0.5 HT Donegal


You think he would exert more energy re-organising his team. The trouble started with a late hit by a Rossie on the Donegal player that hit the deck.


it’s a bomb he’d want to put under them


Aye , very disappointing.


Pushed the linesman and roared at him several times.


Jesus Roscommon are a bad aul standard for this stage of the competition. I dread to think what Dublin will do to them next week if you’re arsed at all


Pointed at him and said, “Do your job”.


Very similar of another incident that happened before. Worse in a way seen as he ran twenty meters to confront him