Super 8 Group 2


In fairness i predicted the Galway win and also said I wouldn’t be surprised if Kerry don’t make it out of the group. But did I back any of it? Did I ■■■■ :roll_eyes:


Any news on McCarron and Cavanagh after yesterday’s game? The former looked crocked while the latter seemed to only have a niggle.


Got to say I went with the crowd.

Didn’t give Galway much of a chance.

Also I took a slight sadistic pleasure in that Paddy Tally had something to do with beating Kerry…however small his role.


He’s had a lot of flack from people like off the ball the last few months. I’d say he’s a happy man tonight


We’re out of the country so only getting bits of the game on sports bar (on site) plus updates from RTE website.

We saw the Monaghan Kildare game and there were Dutch kids (I think) looking on.

I wondered what they must’ve made of it.

But great that Tyrone has so many scorers and playing more open. Next Sat is the real test…and we’ll be home just in time for it.


Still not sure of how much a role Paddy Tally can play as he’s based in Belfast (he’s a lecturer in St Mary’s).

But if he’s causing heat attacks in Kerry…I’ll not argue!


Wonder if Sean C saw those results coming when he criticised MH.

Have a lot of respect for SC…but can’t help feeling he said those things with his autobiography in mind.


so after 1 round of games
Dublin should qualify regarless of next week they will beat roscommon
Tyrone will have to take 2 points of us or face into ballybofey having to win to qualify.this could be a winner takes all aginst Donegal.
Roscomon hard to see them winning any game now

other group
Galway must be favourites to qualify . win in Newbridge and they are through
kildare have to win next week or are out
Monaghon win next week and they are through and knock kerry out


That’s the thing…there’s a good chance Tyrone will need to go to Ballybofey in a winner takes all.

Would prefer to play Kerry than Donegal.

Donegal and Tyrone know each other inside out…and Donegal will believe they can win.


2 wins might not be enough if Donegal beat Tyrone.


If Galway and Monaghan win week 3 is a winner tops group scenario with the game between the other two … can’t remember either - the deadest rubber ever.


If Dublin beat Tyrone next week and Donegal beat them (at home, possible) it could be Dublin,Donegal v Galway Monaghan semi’s and a possible Dublin v Donegal final, I know a little far out but possible. Will have every pundit and bitter screaming then.


Jesus , i don’t think id have the stomach to watch a repeat of yesterday .


Would take it over Galway.


Really ?


Kevin McStay and Cian O’Neill first senior intercounty football managers to lose 2 championship games in a season and still not knocked out? :joy::joy: Both could potentially lose 2 more games each.


Rossies have started well


Very good , 4 points to 2 now , Rossies.


Donegal take the lead , up 5 points to 4.


Roscommon look fairly clueless. Stick a fork in them. Done.