Super 8 Group 2


Is Monaghan/Kildare not on the telly?


Saw him in Croker yesterday , look forward to his analysis monday …:grin:




If Roscommon lose to Donegal…their fans would need to be sadistic to travel for the last game v Dublin.

And a non-event for most Dub fans to waste their money on.

As for Tyrone, no one up here is getting carried away with the recent high-scoring wins.

They’ll have been in vain if Dublin win comfortably in HP.

And that’s the big question for any of the other wannabe semi-finalists…have they narrowed the gap on the Dubs.

My money says it’s Kerry. But they might need a few more years.


Isn’t it gas all the same though. Tyrone look better than Kerry against similar standard of opposition but none of the pundits have backed Tyrone to win Sam yet but the narrative is that Kerry are coming for Dublin. I don’t get it at all. Think Tyrone are better than they were this time last year and next week will be very tough for us.


I really hope you’re right.

And you make a good point.

Apart from their brilliant minor success…and some serious potential up front…you could argue Tyrone’s performances this year make them as good as Kerry.

But it’s funny how you always think Kerry will come good. As if it’s part of a natural order.


Would they be the same pundits who never mention the much vaunted Kerry minors doing absolutely sweet eff all at U21 level for the past 4 years? :roll_eyes:


That’s them yes


Amazing coincidence wha’ ?


Kerry didn’t have Clifford. Makes a huge difference.


Still couldn’t make it past Cork 3 years in a row though…


Kerry must need some serious A-B games to test this new team.

They can’t learn a pile from playing in Munster.

I was at the league game in HP when Tyrone won comfortably.

Was hoping to see how good Kerry were…but it was a dead rubber of a game and they looked to be going through the motions.


Doubt they care. It’s about one thing down there and that’s not winning under age titles.


And denying Dublin the 4 in a row.


My how they have fallen if that is the height of their ambitions. :grin:

(Yes, I’m aware that is an oxymoron.)


It’s true though. It haunts some Kerry fans that Dublin could re-write history.

But yeah - it shows how fortunes have changed massively in under a decade. Who’d have thought that after ‘09?


Gosh. You don’t say. That thought had never occurred to us. :wink:


Well there you go. Now that Kerry look like an overhyped side messrs O’Rourke and Spillane are now talking up Tyrone


Funny you say that…we caught the last 10 mins and I thought back to your post.

Fairly prophetic.

And Monaghan won’t make it easy for Kerry either.

Wouldn’t that be a turn-up after all the predictions throughout the year?


Right. I’m off to see what Ballygobackwards makes of all this. Hold me spot.