Super 8 Group 2


Super 8 already a misnomer. There’ll be two more of these in this group and possibly a few in the other.


I missed the 2nd goal. Rip my stream.


Oh dear that was not a high quality goal. What are sky saying?


Have been saying it for a long time now. There isn’t even a super 4. Imagine what Dublin could do to Roscommon.


WTF! Sky sports arena just changed to wrestling?


Be thankful. :roll_eyes:


Well the streams dead now. Was that just me?


Jesus. Imagine how insufferable Daller is gonna be now, after that display? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


There’s nothing worse than someone coming on here to bum and blow.

BUT!! Surely you have to cut some slack after that! Take that Sean Cavanagh.

We watched it in an outdoor sports bar on Gaago. You want to see the puzzled look of the Italians / Spanish.

A good handful of dubs and ones from Donegal. I can’t lie…have to cheer on the neighbours.

But I’ve had 2 wishes on the trot…Belgium and Tyrone. So the 3rd wish is between the 1/1000 chance the other half will feel romantic…and the other Donegal winning. It’s a tough one.


Congrats Compadre. I’d make the usual remarks about splitting Tyrone, but ye’d probably find jokes about partition tasteless. :shushing_face:


Gracias PD.

Pity we only saw bits of the game but that is some result.

Ps I’m taking these partition jokes in great humour.

Cough cough.


Only 53,000 in attendance today which I think is very poor even when you consider how bad the football championship has been to date. They’ll do well to get 40,000 tomorrow. Not the greatest start to the Super 8s, albeit part of the attraction is the games out of Croker.


To be honest without the away games their nothing but a money making racket. If the away games add anything remains to be seen.


Yep. And 10000 roughly at the hurling. The uncompetitive nature of GAA competitions is finally showing. People have walked and they’ll do well to get them back


Very comfortable for Tyrone. Rossies looks out of their depth.


The hurling has been plenty competitive. The problem today was the venue. Stupid place to put Clare and Wexford. And a stupid day for a quarter final. If they’d put it on with the other game tomorrow they’d have near filled Thurles.


Agreed , met the cousin in the Hogan & he said Roscommons level is about 8 or 9 in the country .


Just looked at figures for 1/4 finals last year, and I’d agree group format definitely cause for drop.

1.Kerry v Galway & Rossies v Mayo - 66k.
2. Tyrone v Armagh & Dubs v Mon - 82k.
3. Rossies v Mayo replay -, 39k

Both double headers, but, both knock out games.


The hurling on Saturday might not have been a great example. Still a very poor show. Reality is, the GAA has lost thousands of attendees over the years. By having nonsensical competitions and awful structures in place. I mean at elite level obviously. And a lot of those people won’t return.


Will David Brady be asked to explain his comments that Roscommon will get out of the group?