Super 8 Group 2


Jaysus lads - fcuking travel arrangements!?! Wha’! It’s a little over two fcuking hours up the road - we’re not playing in Albania. No wonder people laugh at us playing outside Croker. The moaning is unreal. I’ve no time for Donegal fans in general but I don’t see massive whining (from the fans!) about playing in Croker at 7pm on a Saturday evening - possibly getting home at 2/3am in some cases. We gave to do it once and now maybe twice and the world is caving in … Christ :roll_eyes:


C mon donegal get to visit one of Europe’s great cities we have to go to whatsitcalled again . I mean in carrick in Shannon the ground did nt even have a hand basin in the jacks. Even Meath manage that. Do they have Colour tv up north ? A journey into the heart of darkness it is…


True. Small Island. I walked enough of it.


Dick Clerkin published about Dublin players not playing comprimise rules last year despite been given the facts. Now he calls McCaffrey for playing on the edge . :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


The only edge Jack mc plays on is Mach 3. Dickie is clutching at straws. Another guy with a horn a for this Kerry team that won a basket case of a munster championship.


Clerkins crediblity is shot to pieces with the Jack McCaffrey reference.


His credibility last year when he announced on twitter he publishing about Dublin players not playing for Ireland in the compromise rules having done little search. He was pulled up by McCaffrey and McCarthy who gave him facts why Dublin weren’t available. Clerkin still went ahead with his article.


This is the same player than moaned about kids playing on the pitch at halftime during a league match against Monaghan in the Nell. He is just anther ex player in a very saturated market of ex players trying to make a name for himself as ‘analyst or Pundit’ probably with the view of of getting on the Sunday Game Gravy Train.


Think Clerkin is part of the CCCC now.


Great! Maybe to busy now to be writing articles?


Just watched Jeff and Kammys road to Croker final episode again there to see Dicks reactions. Beautiful watching his heart break as Rock sails the ball over and then again at the final whistle.

Contrast his emotions to Keegans goal and how animated he got with the red cards incident. Up out of his seat roaring. The man is an embarrassment.

His comments about Dublins discipline. Can maybe @Stato82 provide some info on the discipline record of all the teams left in the championship this year. I would suggest it is very favourable to us


Another disappointed peoples champions supporter.


Yes travel arrangements - as in a flight and hotel.

The return trip to Omagh doesn’t concern me, I just want to know when the match is on as I’ve to be overseas for a meeting on Monday and need to know if I can book a flight on Sunday afternoon or on the red-eye out of Dublin on Monday morning. There’s also the question of will hotel accommodation be required for the Sunday night.

So until I know the time & date of the game I can’t make any travel arrangements!!!


Ok @BlueWheels - you can have a moan on this one.


In fairness it’s not about the distance of the journey… at the moment I’ve put my family’s life on hold till the fixtures are confirmed. We can’t commit to any family occasions, kids birthdays or make any plans ourselves until I know the confirmed dates for R2 & R3 of the Super 8’s.

It’s poor form on the GAA’s part. They do a lot right but they are making a balls of the scheduling for this.


John Horan said yesterday we’ll have confirmed fixtures for remainder of the Super 8’s in the next 48 hours. (last few paragraphs)



Tyrone running away with this . Could be over already .


Super goal for the Rossies


Game over