Super 8 Group 2


Kildare doing well according to the wireless. Thought they should be better than their league form. If Galway lose, what does that say about kerry?


Good scores from both teams but they would never get the time or space v Dublin if either of them get out of the group.


Entertaining fare from Newbridge. Some fantastic scores. If the Bags don’t wilt they might cause the upset.


Neither will sustain this pace. Not sure I want Kildare to win as it would give Kerry a lifeline.


You won t have to worry about that. Kildare couldn’t see out a tight game to save their life.


Decent game this !


End to end here , great saves


There’s that playing it in the ground again by Comer … Darragh Maloney doesn’t know the rules either!


Kudos to both teams for doing their part to ‘save’ Gaelic Football. Great half of football. Tiredness will become a huge factor. As one who doesn’t give a shite who wins I’ve enjoyed it immensely.


Kildare u20 keeper is on the bench. Thought you couldn’t be in senior championship once you played u20 in same season?


My own personal experience of McStay has never been good. IMO he is an obnoxious little self important git and I not a bit surprised at his behaviour to be honest.


You have it “arseways”!!!


Wouldn’t be the first time.


Hey @upthedall , came across this reading up on the game .You remember this ?


Jeez Wi-fi…have to say I don’t but it sounds like the wild West

I know there’s maybe too much analysis now…but half the stuff that went on in the 70s was almost illegal.

At least things have settled down though !


Joe taking sh1te as usual. Roscommon would be in the top 16 teams so dunno what he’s going on about his Paidi Cup …


At least “aluding” is gone…now it’s as Joe “touched on”…


Brolly talks some amount of rot.

And he’s salivating at the latest flavour of the week - Clifford - after last week’s - Tyrone - let him down.


Sitting here with the Kerry father in law watching the game , I won’t be able to break my bollix laughing if Kildare win :joy:


RIdiculous free and yellow card against Monaghan.