Super 8 Group 1


Well i wasn’t talking to you , but how & ever , no one asked you to buy anything :grin:


Ah , '03 was a semi , doesn’t count :yum:


That’s what threw me.

He/She’s not on the beer though!

Oh, and always right too…


They went on to win Sam though. And it would have been a 7-in-a-row, not 6. Actually between Rufus and Daller they prevented a Kerry 8-timer.


Good point , thank god that never came to pass .
Although it might have shut up Pat about the '70s/'80s kerry team .


As expected


I’m sure the Indo are leading this charge…

I’ve never really been convinced by Jack O’Connor, to be honest (maybe I just never liked him!!!).
He was blesses to have players like Colm Cooper, The O Se brothers, Paul Galvin, etc in their prime. I’m just not so sure that, despite numerous All-Ireland Minor titles, the players are breaking through to the required levels at senior.

I think Pat O’Shea was a better coach and man manager.


I thought so too, but then again Pat O’Shea came in after an All-I win in 2006, and ended up with another defeat to Tyrone that Kerry should have won if they wanted to be the best team of the era. JOC came in at a difficult time after traumtic defeats in 2001, 02, and 03. He improved things to some extent, though you could argue the only time that was proven for sure was the 2006 Qtr Final Vs Armagh. Armagh were on the way out at that stage though.


Jack brought in Galvin. He never got much of a chance under Paidi.


Good manager, probably wants to update his memoirs too.


Spare set of keys to the…

I’ll read with interest the new chapter on the smile he cracked in 2016 the confusion and surpise of the involuntary movement of his facial mucles