Super 8 Group 1


This bolloxology again … :roll_eyes:



It’s been done to death at this stage. The facts are that Jonny does play close to the edge at times but there is no consistency in it being highlighted about other players so let’s just leave it at that.


The Clifford incident was mentioned here on the night, same as Cooper was mentioned the evening of that match as well. People will defend people for as many reasons as you can think. I mentioned the Clifford thing in a what’s app group I am in of Dublin supporters, two of the lads have Kerry relations and got very precious about it.


In fairness Cooper was more than simply mentioned, but agree we have been through it over and over again.


I’d say there would be a lot of talk if we were up against Kerry Saturday


As I said before when a team gets knocked things tend to be forgotten quicker. Shouldnt be that way but it is understandable too.


Some of the very same people who got up in arms about JC and JS in the last couple of years have gone on record saying things like “Sure Donaghy had to smack that lad (with his forearm/elbow) because he couldn’t trust the ref to deal with what was going on”. I mean, how can anyone even begin to have some sort of discussion or debate with someone as one-eyed as that?

And he was talking about Donaghy, one of the biggest, most physical, and cute hoor lads in the game. I always remember one of the challenges with ROC in the 2011 final. Donaghy goes up with a knee into the back of ROC near the endline, Rory went sprawling, Kerry players crying for a 45 or free or whatever, and Gooch and Donaghy scream abuse at ROC while he’s still on the ground, over the endline where poor little abused “can’t ever buy a free” Donaghy has dumped him with his tiny innocent knee.


Donaghy does what he has to do, I’ve never heard him say otherwise. The media narrative is a different story

I don’t think Ricey would have got away with these in the press (one yellow, one red) like KD did.




Both would be red cards in rugby nowadays.


What about in Hurley?


I always said Kerry got away with stuff.

The thing is I’d no bother with what they got up to…every winning side needs a bit of badness…but it’s that their fans and ex-players were so self-righteous.

When I come back in the next life…it’s as a journalist to constantly criticise them. Just to annoy them.


What if you’re born in Tralee next time?


Ahhhhh…haven’t thought this one through.

And as if their accent isn’t bad enough.


It was Tyrone’s victories in that era that drove them demented. Then came 2011, which was the ‘back’ that broke the camel’s straw.


Demented is a good description.

And they had some players back then.

Makes you think this current crop could be in the duldrums for a while to come.


Heres hoping !
Just remember , ye stopped a possible 6 in a row .Dublin congratulates you for that .




They beat them twice , you do the maths .


Go take your madness elsewhere tonight. I’m not interested in buying.


3 times I’ll have you know…’03, ‘05, ‘08.