Super 8 Group 1


Another stat is that Monaghan have beat Dublin Galway and Tyrone this year


And got beat by Fermanagh…and almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Kerry.

That’s the thing with Monaghan…they can go and get the hard results…then find new ways of tripping themselves up.

Don’t understimate them at all. They spoiled Tyrone’s bid for 3-in-a-row.

But 7 games later…all bets are off.


And 20 points is the cumulative difference in the last 3 Dublin-Tyrone meetings …


Tell me about it.

Last year was the equivalent of your ‘09.

Joe Brolly now reckons Tyrone are best equipped to beat Dublin…if they’re more attacking.

He said the same about Kerry.

Talk about a kiss of death from a grade A spoofer.

Edit: Joe would love if Tyrone beat Dublin. He’d claim credit for not only predicting it, but for suggesting how it should be done. Thanks expert Joe.


Speaking about spoofers. If Monaghan lose to Tyrone Jim McGuinness will say it’s because they weren’t ‘intense’ enough in the tackle, if they win it will be because Tyrone weren’t. Something obvious about transitioning will be in that week’s article too.


Just wondering where all the outrage has been against Killian Young and David Clifford for their play-acting in getting two Galway players sent to the line last Saturday? We had people on here having a go at John Cooper earlier this summer. Very little on here (or elsewhere) about Young (especially) and Clifford. I suppose Clifford gets somewhat of a free pass as he’s the golden child.


In general in these cases if the county is out it is kind of forgotten, but yep you are right, Jonny got a raw deal


Some feat …


Do you not think it was a black card for the Clifford pull back? And for the Young one, it looked like he got a closed fist to the the head while on the ground and over the sideline, harsh red card but why give the ref the decision to make?


The referee made the correct decision in Clifford’s case. In Young’s case, it wasn’t as clear cut. Probably on a par with John Small earlier this year. I thought it looked more open hand and not with much force.
I wasn’t arguing with the referee’s decisions, however. Young especially, and Clifford to a lesser degree, play-acted - full stop.


Exactly, no need for it


I thought you were saying that their play acting got the Kildare players sent to the line? I’d say it was stupidity that got Hyland the line.

Would you be saying that it was unfair if Flynn stayed on after Small got the line for a similar incident?


Don’t think I’ve seen any messages on here condoning or justifying play acting from any player.


There was nothing wrong with Young. If he gets to his feet straight away, there’s no red card. Clifford’s fall was capable of registering on the Richter scale, so easy as he went down.


Not have I, nor was I saying there was.


Clifford went down holding his face, when it was clear there was contact with the back of his neck. I remember thinking when i saw it that they were teaching them early in Kerry.


No doubt he’ll invoke the Neymar defence - shure it’s the only protection I have to keep these bullies from maiming me.
The hypocrisy from commentators/jouornos etc is, well, completely expected at this stage.
We’ve had it forever, it was just another cross to bear during the barren years. Makes it all the sweeter now that our lads are bearing Crosses of a different nature altogether :grin:


Tyrone and Donegal had multiple examples of same. It’s a cancer infecting the game and no one is necessarily immune.


Nobody is immune but why was Copper called out for it, while others seem to get a free ride. Cooper got the works both here and on TV.


And deservedly so.
But a little consistency when the colour of the jersey changes from blue, would be nice.