Super 8 Group 1


Ah he wouldn’t be malicious though


On Fitzmaurice departing, it comes as no big surprise. I was one of his biggest critics on here, but the biggest issue I had with him was the credit he got from the media, which I guess isn’t his fault.

Up until less than a year ago he was regularly proclaimed by those in the media as a tactical genius, when he was always anything but. That finally changed after the disaster of the replay vs Mayo last year, and again after the Galway game this year.

It infuriated me seeing so many articles praising him about how he was the best manager tactically in the gaa etc. This was all based of 2014 vs Donegal. And it was the laziest of journalism. Firstly, they were blessed to even be in the final in the first place, and got off to a fortunate start too. But yes he got it right that day so fair play.

However, he got 2015 very wrong against us from start to finish, he made a shocking late sub taking off Geaney in 2016, tried to change to a sweeper system in 6 days last year, and then this year got it all wrong against Galway and Monaghan. He is simply not the tactical genius he was made out to be for so long. These claims are gone thankfully, but my issue was always he was massively overrated by the media

Fitzmaurice, the man, should frankly never be brought into the discussion when talking about him as a manager, he should not be personally attacked and the letters are a disgrace and an embarrassment really. But on the flip side, he got way too much credit from the media for his first 5 years in charge. Based on one game. One swallow does not make a summer.


But …

Never mind …


I never had any issue with EF…always came across as a decent fella.

Just never understood the hype given to this Kerry side…including from Brolly who was convinced their young players had been genetically designed to beat Dublin.

And it cheesed me off when they got away with stuff that other counties would’ve been pulled up on. Almost sacrilege to criticise them.

But maybe it’s the romantic in me…but I like to see Kerry in the c’ship. Even to this day…the thought of a Kerry Dublin game attracts the neutral like no other.


Those minor wins lulled everybody into that thought . Yet , what have they done at u21. Its actually kildare people should be talking about , not kerry .


Not me! Never been more delighted to be playing Galway at this stage, and whoever after that if we win. Nothing like fresh challenges and different supporters! (no offence Mayomen, let’s be honest, both sick of the sight of each other)


None of the players from the other 3 semi finalists have experience of playing in an AI final.

And none have experienced beating Dublin in a c’ship match.

Whoever gets to the final (assuming they play Dublin) will get some baptism.

After last yr’s semi…R McNamee spoke of the atmosphere, full house and togging out beside the Dubs. Said it felt unreal.


Sorry to be picky but Colm Cavanagh played a few mins of 2008 final and scored a point. So there is 1 from the other 3 teams who has.


You’re getting your schpiel in early aye! :wink: Sure neither of us might be in the final…


Well remembered !

That’s right. He came on as a sub and grabbed a point as Kevin Hughes was screaming for the ball. Kerry crumbled in those last few minutes.

Sure there’s a pic of him and Sean lifting Sam.


Id say your happy enough with the prospect of Monaghan . What’s the word in the county .


Can’t resist it!

Nah…it was in reply to another post about Dublin being out on their own.

And with Mayo and Kerry gone…the next most experienced side (AI final wise)…is Tyrone.

Either way the change is for the good.


Most fans couldn’t call Ballybofey.

And when Donegal went 4pts up…it felt like here we go again. The rest is history as they say.

There’s definitley more confidence (or at least less trepidation) playing Monaghan.

But unlike Donegal…I think they’ll go the distance and i’d rate M O’R higher.

But with no Mayo and Kerry…Monaghan and Tyrone know they’ll never have a better chance of getting to an AI final.


I think your last line says it all. Due to the Croke Park record between the 2, the talk among most neutrals seems to be about Tyrone swooping in once again to spoil Monaghan’s day at Croke Park. But I think Monaghan themselves will be pretty happy with their position. Despite the momentum they’ve built up and having beaten Tyrone already this summer, they’re coming in as underdogs, which is a position they love. As Darren Hughes said, it’s an Ulster final to get to an All-Ireland final. If you’d offered Monaghan this opportunity at the start of the year as opposed to a Mayo or Kerry, they’d snatch your hand off, as would Tyrone for that matter.

There seems to be more of a steeliness and resilience to the Monaghan side this year, which they’ve showed by bouncing back well from the Fermanagh defeat and especially the gutting draw against Kerry. I don’t really think the inferiority complex is there for them with Tyrone anymore, although if they don’t win this then those questions will appear once again. And like yourself, I think they’re much better conditioned as a team and won’t fade away like Donegal did.

It’s a really intriguing contest, as 50/50 as you could hope for at this stage imo.


Tyrone will contest this year’s AI


Yeah at the start of the campaign both sets of fans would’ve jumped at that.

(Although after seeing how underwhelming Kerry were…I actually wouldn’t fear them now).

M O’R has done some job considering they were in div3 when he took over.

He’s well thought off around these parts. Genuinely wouldn’t begrudge Monaghan if they did win.


I think the Kerry game will help Monaghan in two ways: it will give them the confidence to play their game and also drive them on to take their scores, to push it home (they should have pummelled Kerry to dust).

Tyrone are on a different level to Kerry obviously. Still limited I feel though and Monaghan have a chance if they move the ball as smartly as they did against Galway (it’s interesting that people are talking about Galway planning for Dublin and not minding the Monaghan game. The tactics Monaghan used in that game are ideal for Tyrone, and pretty much aped what Dublin did in the seimfinal last year). As long as Monaghan avoid it becoming another Ulster WW1 slaughter-fest and keep moving the ball they have a chance. Should be a good game.


I read a stat today…

Tyrone have scored a record number of pts this season (over 8 games)…than any team since the qualifiers were first introduced.

As Michael Caine would say…not a lot of people know that.

Obviously outliers can distort figures…such as the Roscommon game…but if you number crunch the scores and calculated the standard deviation…I’d say the spread is quite narrow.

Btw…the average is currently 23pts per game. Last season it was 20pts going into the Dublin game.


They’ve put up some huge scores consistently and are very strong in the last 10-15 minutes of games.


That scoring figure mightn’t chime with some people who have pre-conceived ideas and don’t like being challenged.

But if Tyrone do meet Dublin in a final…you can bet it won’t be ignored by Jim Gavin.

And the fact it’s being achieved without ‘marquee’ forwards…and without a free taker…says how effective they are at working the ball into scoring positions.

After all that…the game v Monaghan will be single figures!