Super 8 Group 1


Animals, Gentlemen, start your engines.

Let the blood letting commence.

Or insert cliche of your choosing here ------->

That’s pretty mild, compared with what’s to come imo. The gloves will well and truly come off, once they get bored with the ‘ah shure, he was a decent skin’ palaver.


I spell it the same way he pronounces it guv’nor. Beggin’ yer pardon Sir. :wink:


This is the first year since the introduction of the qualifiers that neither Cork or Kerry have reached an All-Ireland semi-final, I believe? 1992 (when Clare won Munster title) was the last year that neither of them progressed this far.
Munster football really has gone to pot.


You spelled it with an ‘e’… I changed it. Front of the class now where I can see you young Dub, for that insolence and insubordination. And stay behind after…


Ahh noo, nooo, noooo! It’s Linster fut-bul that’s a disaster, we all know that, Linster, Linster boy!! Front of the class there alongside young Dub. Don’t know why I bother sometimes…


The new RTE head of sport has made a couple of comments recently along the lines of bringing in new panelists who have actually played during the era of tactical awareness and ‘systems’. He has more or less said that the aul lads haven’t a clue what they’re looking at.
I presume he’s on about Spillane and O’Rourke. They’d be no loss if they got rid of them.


And perhaps cast a wider net for match commentators than Captain Obvious himself, Dessie “He’ll be disappointed with himself for that wide” Dolan ! :roll_eyes:


Not sure if I especially like Sean Cavanagh but if he continues actually giving his opinion he could be good.


Wish they would completely overhaul the panels after the Dubs last two all Ireland wins the panel on the Sunday game spent most of the time going on about what was wrong with football and what was wrong with championship structure. Brolly and O’Rourke are like social justice warriors running a campaign to make things fairer and actually doing what they are paid to do an comment on the game that was played.

Dessie is unfortunate that he is inoffensive to everyone and has no original opinions or insights of his own.

Maybe keep Splatane until we do the five in a row and then he can be taken away in a straight jacket.


Brolly’s continued interrupting is really annoying.

O’Rourke should pull him up for it if the presenter won’t.

You can see JB itching to jump in all the time.

Its the height of bad manners and clearly he likes to think he’s the real expert there.

O’R was so fed up…he sarcastically asked Brolly why he wasn’t ringing MH with his advice.


That’s why I’d prefer to listen to Marty Clarke, Colm Cooper, Sean C, T O’Se, Aaron Kernan etc.


Why do all of yiz watch that shite if you think it’s that bad?


Lee Keegan couldn’t get a word in with Brolly either.
I think the experienced lads are trying too hard to get silly soundbites in so people might read their newspaper articles the next day/week.


Lol brolly was telling us what Lee was saying! It was a bit sooty and sweep.


Yeah there’s an element of trying to remain relevant.

Parson was invited as a pundit…and it’s interesting to get a fresh perspective.

Joe just ties too hard to sound clever.


We need more Martin Carney, said nobody ever.


How are the Sky pundits in comparison?


*** Aul lad walks into living room, after hearing everyone shouting at the telly. Walks out again after being shushed ***


It must be said.


Actually think Peter Canavan is quite good. His in game analysis is decent and fairly on the money from the little I’ve seen of him. Senan is a bit of a yes-man type pundit too (again, from the little I’ve seen) but I hold no issues with that, he’s employed by Sky and does as he’s told you’d imagine. No issue with that at all.