Super 8 Group 1


I don’t care to be honest. Playing Kerry not worth the stress even if we are lording it. Over on their version of a discussion board their new manager is in full swing.


Presuming cranky features is top of the list


Pat wants the Kildare job :joy:


Nope, near the bottom actually.


‘ One all Ireland in nine years’ says Pat Spillane

‘In Kerry when you don’t win an all Ireland in one year, you’re a failure’ added Pat

Are they too thick to notice the last line ? I’ve come to the conclusion that they are thick


He must have used the words “pace and intensity” about 20 times as well. They’ll be carved on his feckin’ tombstone at this rate.


Spell it right for goodness sake or you’ll have a Galvin Klein duster at your head before you can say skinny longshorts


Spillane fairly went at Fitzmaurice, and was pretty much on the money.


Gas that after all their huffing and puffing re home venues neutral venues and away venues Donegal got the gate in Ballybofey, their favourite eh, home venue​:joy::joy::joy:


Why doesn’t Spillane put his footballing brain where his moth is and take over from Eamon Fitz?

Because he couldn’t continue on with his handy (and well paid, no doubt) numbers at RTE and the Sunday World.


They wouldn’t touch him with a forty foot pole, he’d probably try to pick himself and tell them constantly they weren’t as good as the golden team he played on. AFAIK he has not managed at senior club or any inter county level. No way he’ll loose out on the paper and telly gig similar to Colm O’Rourke.


He would be useless though I’d personally welcome it. :grin: There seems to be a few candidates named already on their discussion boards. I might join and suggest the banty.


Think of the expenses from Monaghan!


He nearly have a enough for his own plane… Air Banty.


I was asking in jest. It amazes me how much gravity is given to the views of lots of pundits who wouldn’t dare consider taking up a coaching role at high levels.


He managed Kenmare divisional team probably 10 years or more ago, with little or no success. From talking to a player his tactics were limited - kick kick kick, run harder


Agree with you alot of names being bandy about in Kerry for the job include Tomas O’Se and Mike Quirke !!! I suppose if you a newspaper column that makes you a good manager.


Let Tommy Carr have the job.


I’m sure he is.


Isn’t that where they found EF?