Super 8 Group 1


Donegal were out on their feet at the end, and their younger players weren’t fit to keep up with the relenting Tyrone attack. I don’t think Monaghan will fade as easy, their fitness has looked very good this year, and they’d be more experienced and better at game management.

Should be a tight affair either way, Tyrone are favourites and will probably get more of the headlines, but I think Monaghan are in a very good place for this.


I believe Dublin Joe is coming in for some harsh criticism.


Would kerry have beaten Donegal or Tyrone? I don’t think so on all the form lines we’ve seen. They’d better hope Clifford stays healthy because they’ve an awful lot of work to do.


Agreed. Donegal got their goal relatively early today & then they sat back & got complacent. They thought they’d done enough & their 3 pt lead was unassailable. It wasn’t. Monaghan won’t be making that mistake, not after the last minute scare they got against Kerry.


I’ve got to go along with that one, too. Monaghan are dangerous enough.


Absolutely deplorable performance. The GAA problem with referees is beyond a joke at this stage


Reilly was poor too. A lot of sympathy reffing.


Wasn’t she in charge of the three goons today though?


She was. T’will probably take her some time to stamp her own authority on proceedings though. Right now, Lyster is still The Big Dawg, getting the biggest games. Would love to see her take a fresh approach to the hosting gig, when she’s the main man.


Main man? :+1:

God wasn’t gootch beat into that’s suit. If he had leaned foreard those waistcoat buttons would have gone over the bar.


To be fair to gooch there’s not too many fellas that could still fit into their communion suit at 35 years of age! :slightly_smiling_face:


Fair play to him after having his communion money topped up last year


Pat must have mentioned about 10 times the impact of the Tyrone bench while at the same time referencing Dubs subs .I think he might be hitching his wagon to Tyrone .


The lesser of two evils. Even shook Sean’s hand at the end. Please Sean have a word with Mickey don’t let them fuckers wreck our legendary status. No problems Pat…


What happened to O’Gara btw . Looks like he did 10 rounds with Ali .


Who knows… I certainly wouldn’t ask him!


Having finally seen it, the red card for Flynn was incredibly harsh. It was only a yellow.


Pat fairly put the boot into Kerry .
Maybe hes just saying what alot of people were saying in private down there .


The Munster championship a distant memory.


It’s a real shame we didn’t get a chance to sow it into Kerry . They’ve actually bowed out without a crushing defeat to stick the stake in even further .