Super 8 Group 1


Indeed. Both are undoubtedly very talented but also very inconsistent. But if all 3 click on any given day then Monaghan would post a very decent score.


It is refreshing to see the support for EF here. Nothing like a loss to bring out the sympathy that had been invisible all week.


True. I’m not sure my kids would know how to post a letter!


It was ‘letters’, not letters. Like alphabetti soup. Probably some kind of old-school gangland thing. Or somebody not very bright. Or a bag of scrabble that an aul wan sent as a gift, gone wrong.


McCarron hasn’t played alot during the Super 8s due to more of a tactical move by the looks of it, they didn’t want to play so attacking and McCarthy got the nod to start. He didn’t come off the bench against Kerry, as it didn’t look like they needed him and by the time Clifford scored the goal it was too late. And yesterday, he came on late but again wasn’t needed. I’ve a notion he may start if it’s Tyrone they play.

I’d be disappointed by McCarthy though, I’d have thought he’d have kicked on this year after a Sigerson campaign where he was probably the best player and a good breakthrough championship last summer. But he’s probably not used to being more of a marked man just yet. Very talented though and has time on his side, I’d say he’ll come good.


Would agree with all of that @johnjoe


Donegal a goal up at half time


Tyrone goal. Up by 2 now. Loads of time left though.


Tyrone it is!!!


O’Rourke looks exasperated. Cannot get a word in with Brolly, whose yapping so much he’s interrupting himself.


It’s amazing the RTÉ producers don’t bring brolly to task … completely monopolises the conversation


Convinced it will be us and tyrone in final.


The host should be doing that imo. They are the one with the actual ability to cut across him & make him shut up, so someone else can speak. Lyster never had the balls to do it. Would love to see JC give it a go. It would be a better show with a firmer hand at the helm.


Lyster is retiring at the end of the season and she’s taking over from him


Didn’t see the game , Tyrone worth the win ?


I know. I meant her giving it a go, trying to keep Brolly in check.


Yes and no. They finished the game by far the stronger team, but Donegal looked to be in control up until the 65th minute or so, when Tyrone got their goal to go up a pt. They never relinquished their lead, but the full time score doesn’t really do Donegal justice.


Sounds to me like a great win for Tyrone, in Bofey where they have a bad record, against a serious team playing well, only got the lead late on, and with a goal too. That will bring them on a tonne.


Tyrone subs scored 2-5 and were the difference. Lee Brennan was excellent when he came on and has to start next week.


I dunno Al. Donegal’s legs were gone in the last 10 minutes. Tyrone won’t get that much room to manouver in the last quarter - much less score 2-4 - against Monaghan, us, or…gasps…Galway.