Super 8 Group 1


Ehh, they benefitted hugely from their mafia propoganda down the years, let them take the pain of it now, what goes around etc. I never liked that 00s team, bar a couple of lads. There were too many in it with a dislikeable attitude and they have gone on to prove that in spades in the years since. O’Connor also who is a divisive figure in Kerry since, by some accounts.


True…but I just think the media wanted to see a showdown between Kerry and Dublin…especially as both were in different pots…and allowed that to clowd their judgement.

Was only a few weeks ago D O’Se and J Brolly reckoned they were setup to take on Dublin.


Can’t argue with any of that in fairness. He did not have the basis on which to get away with mistakes, and once the greats of the 00s era finally faded any mistakes by him were much more exposed. Everyone makes big mistakes, Gavin’s were exposed on one day in 2014, arguably worse considering the talent and form he had available.

Mistakes by Cluxton and one of our full-backs in part allowed Kerry to nearly steal the 2016 semi-final but all that is forgotten in the context of overall success.


Personally I wouldn’t have taken any great glory if Dublin had beat Kerry handy this year based on what we’ve seen in the S8s. I’d much rather they had come with a huge challenge and we got them ala how Kerry got us all hyped up in 2009.
If we got them this year and hammered them the only thing it would have done would be to give our opponents in the final the best prep they could imagine. If we win our semi-final now I’m hoping Galway will at least be very competitive.

The whole media buil-up of Kerry thing is indicative of how different their ex-00s greats have been in terms of media profile and commentary to most of their previous. They have actually been nothing but a handicap as it turns out, often loud, arrogant, and attention-gathering. They have gone a long way to losing alot of the respect and admiration that people generally had for Kerry football, they have insulted the traditions of Kerry football and its reputation by their annual squawking and shit-stirring etc.


Saw the picture of a dejected EF holding his young daughter.

Despite his own shortcomings…he never had the great players from last decade…and his predecessors from last decade never had this great Dublin team to contend with.

Timing played a part as much as anything. Good luck to him.


There’s a new Series due out in the autumn, “The Hungerhurt Games”. Mythical fantasy flame type of stuff I think


By one point after a replay?


Jaysus! I knew we should have reigned in some of JJF’s Kerry posts in the last few years, we just let him go unchecked for too long…

Anyway cheerio Fitzy The Forehead, one month’s national mourning. Still though, the locals will never forgive him for leaving The Best Forward of Any Generation on Philly in 2015.


Therein lies the problem , what happens if either or even both have an off day . The semi final will show us what Monaghan are all about .


That’s a rare enough occasion this year for Monaghan though, in general they’ve had a great spread of scorers all year, even against yourselves in Ulster. Of course if you give McManus the freedom of your defence like Kerry did, he’ll rack up a huge score and dominate the scoreboard. But when he’s been held tighter, other lads seem to pop up from different areas and chip in(like McAnespie with 4 pts yesterday). The Fermanagh game seems like a real anomaly in that regard at this point, but they have a good amount of players who have been chipping in with a point or two from midfield and defence too.

The one thing I would say is that they need more from McCarthy and McCarron, as they are really the ones who are supposed to take the pressure off McManus. McCarthy was poor against Galway, and McCarron hasn’t gotten much of a run the last few games for some reason. And then you have Kieran Hughes who is usually good for a couple scores and can take some of the attention even just for his presence, but he’s been carrying a knock and seems like he wasn’t risked today. Even if one of those lads made a decent contribution alongside McManus, to go along with the likes of O’Connell, Beggan, McAnespie, Kearns, Walshe etc. who can get 1 or 2, I’d fancy Monaghan in the semi tbh.


Dunno what Mon have done with their conditioning etc but something looks different in that, and despite the extra games, their form Vs Kerry and Galway was good, perhaps better than any time since the Tyrone game, and although you could argue they tired Vs Kerry I’m not so sure.
Yet in terms of previous years, we’re still only at the dates of the Qtr finals, though factor in the games they’ve played and it probably evens out. Regardless of result if they manage to produce a big performance in the semi-final it will prove that they got their prep right this year overall.

Eamonn Fitzy was damned whatever he did bar winning more games this summer, if he had set up to counterract McManus people would say he was playing too much to the opposition. Also I don’t believe we were ever again going to see one of his teams play a major game like they did the 2014 final. Certainly not with these young attacking players in the team, the emphasis was to be all on attack and old values and all that.

Did he have an individual player who could keep McManus fairly quiet? Does any team? Did ROC just about manage it once? No clearly he would have had to commit more players and possibly a more radical system to stop McManus.

Anyway I’m just waiting now to see if someone on the Kerry forum is going to suggest they look to an outside coach. It would certainly stimulate some interesting debate…
My opinion would be they should absolutely go with Pat O’Shea, steady hand, proven winner, experienced, not divisive. I would expect them to become a force again with him.

**By the way, can’t believe they didn’t have at least two minutes applause for Donkey when he went off, and a minutes silence on the national airwaves and tv. What would one contemplate regarding that, Joe Brolly?


Mick fitz kept McManus very quiet last year -


Wasn’t meant in a complacent way. Just meant that the game plan we’re using at the moment may still be enough to beat the remaining teams without having to see how we’d react if required to play a different way.

I said in a previous post yesterday that the only team left who can beat us is ourselves. If we think we just have to turn up then there’s every chance we’ll be beaten. I find it hard to believe though that the management will let it happen again.


i think the super 8s suits the ulster teams,in fairness to them going to provincal venues and having to fight tooth and nail to get result is what they are use to in the ulstr championship very year ,
ballybofey for tyrone will hold no fears ,same as salthill didnt bother Monaghon ,


Never rated Eamon Fitz as a manager and I thought he was an average enough player with some all-time greats as teammates helping achieve what he got.

That said, he does come across as a sound bloke. Nobody deserves the abuse associated with this hate mail business.

Good luck to him. I hope he gets back to enjoying normal, everyday life.

On yesterday’s games, as @upthedall said, Monaghan and Galway have probably saved Kerry from a tanking at Dublin’s hands. With a bit more composure, Monaghan should have put Kerry out of their misery two weeks ago. Yesterday’s games had far more at stake than they ought to have had. Kerry’s defense is an embarrassment to a county with their footballing tradition. Kildare’s goal highlighted their naive and flatfooted defending.


They warned me that as I hit my mid-forties, the oul lamps would start to go and I think they were right. That’s the second year in a row we’ve been told to watch out for Kerry in late summer but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of them.


And like dawn follows night, it has begun. The first incendiaries thrown into the tindersticks, suggestions that Kerry have an Ulster input to their coaching. This from one of the hardcore no less. Let’s see how long the “circle the wagons” philospohical glass is half full cooling off period lasts before the recriminations kick in and holy war breaks out.


It’s the fear still in the system from bygone years! I’ll never forget the scars…

As for EF, good luck to him. The only manager to oversee a victory over Dublin in a national final.


On the Fitzmaurice thing and the abuse they got, who actually writes letters these days?


The one’s who don’t want to leave a trail!!! Pathetic clowns in other words!!!