Super 8 Group 1


There’s got to be a realisation now in Kerry that it’s going to be a lean few summers.

Manager resigned…3 or 4 players to follow…and so far only a few of those minors looking great.

Surely their priority must be to keep that core of young players together and re-build from the bottom.

J O’C would be a good man imo to steady the ship while that happened. As you say it’s whether he’d be given the time.


Brolly will do no such thing, he’ll grin away and say Fitzy got it wrong and the Kerry midfield and half-backs didn’t provide the service blah blah.
Spillane’s head will be purple and possibly explode. At least he didn’t talk them up so much as others. In any event far too much was expected of them too soon. Their transition from the 00s team to this one has not been of the sort that best benefits or develops young talent. The players that came in and helped win in 2014 have not provided the bedrock or continuity required, and they have remained dependent, for experienced leaders and mentors for the young lads on players that were already over the hill.

As we well know, this is what happens when you don’t have the quality of player (or management?) to see a smooth transition between generations of players/teams. This in turn impacts on the development of the younger players, no matter how talented. Standards drop. Young players lose their way, lose confidence. Bad habits become embedded.
I’ve no doubt some of these young lads could be greats (Clifford is already clearly capable) but they will have a harder apprenticeship than their predecessors in the Golden Generation Mark II.


It’s all in context. Same things were said about us in the late 90s, and in the 00s. There is some truth that counties with great tradition of winning have an advantage over those that don’t. It doesn’t cover a multitude of course but it makes a few percent difference when the margins are close. You could argue it’s what got us over the line eventually in 95, where Mayo couldn’t quite do it (so far!) in this era.


Agree with canavan no handy draws for Kerry anymore . But they will adapt like all the big teams and they will be out of the reckoning for a few years but they have the expertise and finance to come back. Consistency is required to win Sam and we have steady Eddies all over the pitch. Reliable intelligent players. The days of 4 weeks preparing for big games are gone. Kerry have been lording it over the weakest province for a century but thank god the advantage that gave them has gone.


I’m guilty of it myself…being afraid to write off Kerry.

But you wonder where all the hype came from given they were average in the League…and apart from the game against Cork (which Tyrone put into perspective) they showed nothing in the c’ship which warranted them being considered as the team to take on Dublin.


Id say they are bank rolling Clifford’s tuition & all ready have a job lined up for him after college , the need to keep him around . I have been impressed by that Burns lad too .
They threw the dice this year & it didn’t work out . Big difference between minor & senior . Munster championship is probably as meaningless as Leinster at this stage . The Super 8s ain’t gonna be a safe place for kerry either in the future . Teams don’t fear Kerry any more . That’s the most detrimental thing of all this .


Munster bar the odd occasion has always been like Leinster is now…and even now there were 2 Leinster teams in the super 8’s


Unless you are Clifford standard you are not making a real mark in your first or second year at senior.
These Kerry lads need time, unfortunately for them with Dublin and Galway (relatively young) they may not get it.


True. Kerry were made to look ordinary…and the teams that beat them won’t even win the AI.

Cream rises to the top with 3 games - and for the time being they’re vulnerable with such a young team.

Tyrone had plenty of class AI minor players last decade…they won 4 AIs…but it’s a massive step up to senior.

Apart from Clifford, O’Shea and a few others…Kerry could struggle.


Just realised there are 3 Ulster teams in the last 5.

And one guaranteed to be in the final.

Leinster maybe uncompetitive…but Dublin still a good bit better than any side up here.


How many games have Monaghan played so far ?


Ulster football is in a healthy place and developing their game plans ie not all about defense…so I expect competitive sides for the near future


7 since beating Tyrone in the Ulster C’ship.

Fermanagh…3 qualifiers…3 Super 8 games.

That’s some going for a county with a small squad.

As Alan said…other counties need to spend less time playing the resource victim.


Only problem there is how they could obsorb an injury of the likes of McManus .
But its hugely impressive so far . Amazing what a top quality keeper can add to the equation :wink:

Well see how Donegal fare tomorrow without McBrearty & Ban Gallagher .Have Donegal similar population / resources compared to Monaghan .
Or even yourselves for example .


Kerry did have an easy run, in many ways, if they hadn’t fallen behind Galway and Monaghan. Even then they got a draw with M. If it was the old system they could have been shocked by Galway or Mon in the Qtr final. The 8s should have suited them but they never raised their performance levels over 3 games.

It’s easy to be dismissive of a player like Geaney in the aftermath of a team failure but the fact is he was hardly going to be sensational every single year, he still did ok this year.


2014 I suppose, along with the rest of history. And the unprecedented minor success. Some of those successful minors are now in their 20s so it’s not like it was a team of babies either. They also have several players that won an All-I only 4 years ago, and I mean the ones who came in post 2011/12, not the auld lads. I some ways this recent Kerry team has reminded me alot of the 1983 Dublin team. Won an All-I when the best team bombed out the other side, and the probably second best team (Cork in 83, Donegal in 14) bottled it (first game in 83).
A few greats hanging on, and a bunch of somewhat talented young lads, some very talented. Thereafter not able to build on the unexpected All-I win, and struggled to transition to another team that could reach the top. To be continued…


You’re thinking of 2016. He did indeed almost run riot against us that day, unmarkable in the first half. Second half he faded somewhat because we took control and they dropped back. We actually protected our fullbacks better in the 2nd half also, despite being able to dominate in attack also, which showed how much we were on top despite Geaney’s brilliance.


32 points against an awful Clare team was another sign …


In fairness he was looking to ease in the young lads while older fellas still there, which is right. His problem was more that the lads who came in from 2012-15/16 weren’t good enough to take over from the greats of the 00s era, despite winning in 2014. So the gap from 00s to the current crop of underrage talent wasn’t sufficiently well bridged.
Now you could argue that part of that problem is down to the management. You could also argue Fitzmaurice got great performances out of his teams in 2013/14, and to a lesser extent 16 (well, he got a freak period of 10 minutes before half-time against us that turned the game into an epic from a possible bad beating).


Yeah…Monaghan very reliant on McManus and their keeper for scores.

Read O’Se’s article saying that if you take their scores away…Monaghan only managed 4pts against Kerry.

Tyrone and Donegal have a greater spread of scorers which is why I’d fear Donegal more than Monaghan.

In terms of population (I know there are other factors)…Tyrone has around 125k and Donegal slightly more. Think Monaghan has 60k