Super 8 Group 1


My memory has let me down so…can still see him put the ball in the net so I’ve definitely mixed games up somewhere


O’Donoghue has had something in the region 20 dislocations of his shoulder thought the past 5 years. Heard this from one of the Dublin hurlers who was in hospital having a job done on his shoulder at same time as ODonoghue.

ODonoghue is not the same player he was and never will be again. Geaney has been out of form last 2 seasons. Donkey, Darren OSuulivan and Donnchda Walsh all finished. Kerry have no defense, an iffy keeper and Only one decent midfielder in Moran. A lot more than just a new pair of eyes managing them required.

Good point made by Peter Canavan also this evening around fact that the days of easy run to the semi finals are over for Kerry with arrival of the Super 8s! Will see how the KOTF get on with that the next couple of years😀


I think of it the other way around to be honest. It’s too soon for these young lads. I know I keep going on about it, but if they were that good they would have won something at u21. I think the minor success has been a millstone around his neck and he should have been slower with them.


If the new manager has an sense hell dispatch a good lot of them . Kerry are obviously in transition whether they want to accept that or not.As a result they see these minors as cushioning the blow , its a rather delusional way to look at it , but it brings them a little hope over the next few years . They are absolutely blessed that Clifford has arrived on the scene because things would be looking alot worse if he wasn’t there .


Well yes , i did say that .


Wonder what joe Brolly makes of it all? :grin:


Brolly wet his drawers after the Munster campaign about Kerry, they’re coming for Dublin he said. Continuously. Won’t be a peep out of him now.


Oh Joe won’t be sitting there saying nothing! He’ll be telling us all how he was right but Fitzmaurice messed up this great Kerry team and how it’s great opportunity lost for both Kerry and the game of football itsel. A neck like a jockeys you know what on the bould Joe!


With the help of god hell be on TSG tomorrow night to explain how badly he called it .
The cheek of him to go & question the caliber of our forwards making that Kerry team .Its grand putting up a big score when the ref has ridden the opposition , get a soft peno & the keeper literally gifts them a goal.Where were these forward against Galway. The obituary should have been written two weeks ago . It was just delaying the inevitable.


Delighted for Monaghan. Thought they’d blown it.

I saw Kerry in the league game in HP and they were average…I put that down to the game being a dead rubber…but they’ve hardly looked any better since.

And all this talk about them gunning for Dublin. Looks like Joe will be back to loving Dublin again.

As for Monaghan…Darren Highes saying it’s an Ulster final to reach an All-Ireland final.

This Super 8 isn’t so bad after all.


You can see it in the eyes

“Ill be carrying these wasters for years”


My heart goes out for the poor little fella :joy:


Agree, always a danger with all the talk of Kerry and Mayo being out that we drop our guard and assume we have it easier than before. Fact is that Kerry and Mayo were poor this year and we are now dealing with somewhat less known quantities. On the plus side it freshens things up with new challenges etc.

I have felt for a few years now that Monaghan have a big performance in a big game in Croker in them, and that it will happen some day with this team. They need things to fall right for them of course which hasn’t happened before but this will be their best chance yet. They have enough class players around a thin squad/some filler to beat anyone if they get all the breaks. They are also lacking the hype of previous years.

They have beaten Dublin in Croker and have beaten Tyrone in Omagh. They won’t fear Donegal too much.
Galway are an enigma of sorts, they certainly won’t be talked up too much after that performance earlier. We should have enough for them. I won’t look beyond that. However we could see quite a mediocre game between us and Galway, and a higher quality between Monaghan and, most likely, Tyrone.


I knew I should’ve gone out with the 21 Hurlers this afternoon…


If Tyrone beat Donegal…

They can reach an AI final by beating the team that put them out of Ulster earlier in the season.

Last time that happened…was 2005.


Things are that desparate , they are asking one of the forum posters to join the setup next year


Monaghan did Kerry a favour…reckon Dublin could’ve really set them back with a hammering.

Aidan O’Rourke had a good article about Kerry…people see the green and gold and think there’s an inherent flair about them…that they come good. But it’s a myth.

He was right. They’ve been underwhelming this year.

EF comes across as a decent skin. Good luck to him.

Wonder if J O’C is tempted to come back?


Wed put years on JOC if he came back.
There’s a deadly video of former Boston Celtics coach going on a massive rant about the lack of quality in the team where he basically says " insert former great player "not walking through that door "
Well , Gooch , Bryan Sheehan , Younger Donkey , Declan O’Sullivan , Paul Galvin are not walking through that door !


I was chatting to a Kerry fella on holiday there.

He said he knew one of the Kerry selectors who told him this year was all about preparing for Dublin.

That was part of the reason they were replacing a lot of the older players (I thought about that after they brought on 3 older subs against Monaghan)

He reckoned there was a lot of politics about J O’C coming back…but personally I think he could be a good stop-gap to help them transition.


Of course he would , sure he brought through alot of the young lads . But have people in Kerry got the patience to go another few years without an AI . They have won 1 Al in 9 years now . Its reaching 86-97 levels now . And its bloody brilliant rubbing salt in the wounds that we’ve won 5 in that period eliminating / beating them in the course of 4 of them .