Super 8 Group 1


Fitz doing the right thing. Took over a team when the best team in an age are in their pomp. I wish him well. But I’ll enjoy a beer tonight with my farney neighbour the mythical keepers are gone and both his county and mine could possibly meet in an AI final.


Can’t agree with you there. He has made some seriously bizarre sideline decisions over the years. His teams have also failed to turn up on more than one occasion. The 2015 AI final against us, the Mayo replay last year & the Galway game last month, to name but a few, were all startlingly listless performances. The knives have been out for him because of his own managerial shortcomings imo, not because he has the misfortune to be at the helm of a team in a period of transition.


Certainly looking forward to Dara’s column next week now


Does anyone know will Fitzmaurice be allowed keep the I-Pad or would he have to give it back?


Right on time, here come the comedian.

On the football - Not easy being Kerry manager - 3 members of one family have newspaper columns. Fairly relentless.


I’d argue that his teams were bullied by a much better Dublin team in 2015 nothing to do with Fitzmaurice - men against boys that day


Lot of talk about four in a row minor wins. And when you consider one of them is Clifford he should have done more imo. But in that time Dublin won two under 21s so bridging the gap to us was tough.


What about Brolly and Kerry coming for the Dubs??

If anyone said in May we would play a semi v Galway and either Tyrone/Monaghan or Donegal in the Final you’d have said yes please. Hopefully this is the year we confirm we are 6+ points better than any other team in the country.


He introduced a rake of them this year but I’d say he was told to . Whoever comes in next should cull half the team & send Donkey off to the glue factory .
Question is , bar Clifford & O’Se , are these minors all they are cracked up to be.


In fairness I don’t think there was more than 1 AI in Kerry in the years he was in charge, in fact I think it was quite an achievement to win even one. But he has been too loyal to too many old hands, he never seemed willing to tell someone their time was up, always letting them go on their own terms.


And a shame he’s gone…


When he took off geaney who was running riot he lost that game (probably would have anyway but that sealed it) …everyone around me that day were astounded at the decision…


Running riot? He scored 0-3 as far as I can remember. Was playing ok on team that was being run off the pitch.


Think he’d 1-3/4 when he was taken off…he was the main scorer and chief threat iirc and as I said probably wouldn’t have made a difference to the outcome but was over as soon as he was taken off


In 2015? Kerry didn’t score a goal in 2015 game.


Think it was 3 points, but a terrible decision all the same. Became a trademark really.


If they were they would have shown it before now. But there is still a team there to be competitive, but the manager needs a plan and be prepared to stick to it. The days of winning All Ireland’s by pulling one trick out of a hat are gone.


Heres the team today

Kerry: B Kelly; J Foley, P Crowley, T O’Sullivan; P Murphy, K Young, G White; D Moran 0-01, J Barry 0-03; M Burns 0-02, S O’Shea 0-05 (0-03f, 0-02 ‘45’), S O’Brien 0-01; D Clifford 2-06 (1-00pen, 0-01f), K Donaghy 0-01, P Geaney 0-02 (0-01f).

Subs: Kevin McCarthy 0-01 for K Young (HT), James O’Donoghue 1-02 for K Donaghy (HT), Darran O’Sullivan for M Burns (57), Tadhg Morley 0-01 for J Foley (59), Anthony Maher for S O’Shea (67), Brian Ó Beaglaíoch for G White (inj, 69).

The fact Donaghy , Darren O’Sullivan , Killian Young are still required shows what faith he must have in the young lads.
Maybe he introduced too many , too soon. But a fresh pair of eyes maybe be able to get more out of them , and actually select the right players .


Kerry are short in a number of areas. Their older players all seem to be regressing. Jury still out on whether the younger players bar Clifford and possibly OShea are up to the level required.


Jod hasnt been the same since the shoulder injury . Pure rotton luck , just like Gooch.
Terrible , terrible shame…