Spawell Stadium


In fairness I originally thought it was in Lucan, isn’t there a spa hotel in Lucan, along the N4


The M50 is one of the biggest shit-holes in Western Europe.

A terrible location in my opinion


Southbound M50 is always in shite every weekday night so it might prove difficult for some players to get to training but I’m sure that situation is current as well.


I don’t find either way very good. I use it a lot too . Unless they put 3 extra lanes on it . There will be dire traffic jams with a stadium there. Parking facilities minimal too.

I don’t think anyone has considered the logistics of this. Does the luas even run there?


Much more car parking in that area than there is around Parnell Park. Why have northsiders such a fear of crossing Liffey bridges?


Nope. That wasn’t me guv’nor. Honest. I’ve never been in the Millenium Stadium. No idea what kind of roof it has.

Is that the one the rugger buggers give out about the roof being closed on, as the resulting humidity makes their balls too… ahem… greasy to handle? :football: :football: :football:


Parnell park is less then half the size…


Apparently the stadium being built at the spawell is contingent on getting the donny carney to tymon flyover firstly constructed


I heard it’s on the same time-scale as Donald Trump’s wall…


There’s no keeping some people happy. I think it’s a great location for it all things considered. I’d be curious to hear from those unhappy about it where the other better viable options are.


It’s a great location for you :blush:


But the games will be mostly on Sat evening and Sunday ??


It’s a location based upon the premise cheap land will not be available within the city. The DCB’s hand is forced by the market unfortunately. A rail link would be handy but you won’t keep everyone happy. Although the location isn’t perfect that is probably offset if the price is competitive.


Amazing really, m50 handles about 30,000 extra cars when Croker is full, yet it won’t be able to handle maybe 8,000 extra, or more likely much less, if Stawell stadium built. Mad Ted.

I’m sure when this discussion was up here in recent years, some posts said “Spawell in Lucan”. Is the Spa Hotel still there? What was the place that closed down on the Palmerstown side of Chapelizod,just between the river & the N4?


It’s not too bad when the matches will actually be on? Also far less traffic going southbound in the evening than north which will make it easier for players to get to training. The luas goes to the red cow. I’m sure shuttle buses could be arranged if there was a demand. As for parking there are a couple of car parks within 5 minutes. None that are massive but cumatively can do a job


Southbound isn’t too bad at that exit. Further down towards sandyford and bray might be bad but generally moves well enough before that.


Anyone who thinks the m50 is especially bad hasn’t driven anywhere near a major city in England, for starters. And that’s a major 1st World Country, let’s face it, we are still at the lower end.

M50 Sside is mostly fine apart from rush-hours, NSide is very bad in winter


I’ve worked in different countries Al. I don’t need any lectures from our resident David Attenborough on the subject . But I’d like to thank you for keeping your synopsis to pre - sleeping length for once
It’s just another stadium in Ireland where you can only drive to really . Other countries use things like rail , trams etc .
A midweek game out there for example you just wouldn’t get to.
It’s really Sunday afternoons or not at all . Great idea but location - meh !



Eh? Just up…Run that by me again Stanley.

PS. The m50 is by far not the worst such route in West Europe, so clearly you have selective memory or were the front passenger in the Batmobile on your travels. But do go on…Jacques Cousteau of the motorways


So now that the m50 is a non runner for you can you suggest another place for a stadium and centre of excellence? Also do you often drive southbound at 6.30 midweek? Which is roughly the time travelling to matches would be at