Spawell Stadium


That’s either a very bad Pun or a very good one…[quote=“beeko, post:140, topic:1586, full:true”]
as for Donaghy… do you think star bucks the trend?


Costa can be good, but not astronomical. Insomnia, or double insomnia?


Are people here actually trying to argue that a brand new stadium just off the motorway (presumably) with a carpark will be “more awkward” for traffic and access than an old stadium (albeit one that I love) in the middle of a busy residential area with no parking facilities??

Ah lads, have a day off, will ya… God love ya, ya might have to take a bus…


Not a dicky bird about this in the Sunday times, in fact two whole GAA articles :confused:


Well, yeah. From my house, I can drive to PP in about 10/12 minutes. If the game is in Croker, I can take one bus, or the Dart and, be at Five Lamps/NCR or Connolly station, in about 20 minutes. Driving over to Lucan, or getting a bus/Dart into town and, another bus out to Lucan, will be a pain in the neck. As will the return trip home.

Am not saying I am not willng to do it, but yes, it will be a pain in the bollocks…especially on cold winter nights, during the league. For me. And probably everyone else living in the likes of Raheny, Bayside, Marino, Baldoyle, Kilbarrack, Glasnevin, Ballymun, Santry etc etc.

For people living on the southside, or westside, or those traveling in from their prison camps in the Meath and Kildare colonies, a new stadium on the M50, will be a different story. Each to their own and all that


Your right, some pain to park in lucan if your going to the spawell


Ah go easy on her , She’s probably tired after her protest against Trump today… :grin:


(Ok, ok, Templeogue…whatever. :blush:


I kept thinking it was Lucan too. Now I know where it is, this is an outrage!!! :@


In fairness, Dublin fans do have it easy, compared to our rural/rustic cousins. Imagine having to drive from Belmullet to Castlebar regularly to watch Mayo? Ballydavid to Tralee or Killarney? Ballyconeely to Salthill? Allihies to Pairc Ui Rinn?


A set up like Tyrone have in Garvagh should be the priority.

The stadium can wait but when it does get built, an 25-30,000 indoor stadium would be brilliant. DCU had plans for a 10,000 indoor stadium but that was back in 2007 and has been on hold ever since. Something like Dunedin.


I thought the plan was for both a stadium and a centre of excellence thing?


It is.

Tyrone’s centre of excellence at Garvagh cost £8m, so €10m should replicate it at Spawell.

The stadium I’m sure will end of costing €40-80m.

Should be a phased approach, maybe we can get the council to pay for it as they seemed happy enough to fund Tallaght and are currently planning to redevelop dalymount.


An indoor stadium, now there’s an idea! Would make the winter games more bearable alright
Would it even be possible??


Yes apparently so. My sources tell me the DCB are in touch with Warmarse Inc who are the chief suppliers of heated cushion seats worldwide and a provisional order of 25,000 has been made. Underfloor heating will also be standard. John Costello says that there is little point in having heated seats if your toes and feet are going to get cold so both areas will be covered in terms of heating.


Could you imagine the Meltdown from Spewan if we actually did put a roof on it :grin:


We should roof it all except for the away end for extra venom


Hope it has a roof for @ProudDub :joy::joy:


Yer gonna hafta 'splain that one to me boss.

Does it have sumfink to do wit me gettin’ me Templeogues mixed up wit me Lucans?


Didnt you mention something about putting a roof on Croker last summer like the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff :joy: