Spawell Stadium


Go again???[quote=“See_Saw, post:18, topic:1586, full:true”]

True, but it wouldn’t be an area with a big Dub supporter stronghold which will always be north of the liffey – along the glasnevin to marino belt !


Go away out of that. South side teams and supporters have for years had to travel across town to Parnell mid week for champions ship games. Ye don’t know how lucky ye’ve had it over that side!
Think it’s a great investment myself.


Delighted they have managed to secure a site and a 25k stadium will hopefully take us out of Croker for league games. The experience is becoming stale with no atmosphere. My only objection would be a lack of a train or Luas in the near vicinity.


What time frame would we be looking at here for it to be built ? Dublin GAA could be in a different position in lets say 5 years in regards the footballers . When we are under performing then the crowds might come back as mad as it sounds . You see what a few barren years do to us . 83k back for a Leinster quarter final :cold_sweat:.
It was the hope & competitive games that brought the crowds in , now nobody wants to go out & watch probably the most successful team we have ever had . We need a strong meath team to wake up a few people . You see the next time we are beaten in Leinster what happens .The supporters will be back . A few retirees in the next couple of years should sort that .


:confounded: So you didn’t give it up for January then …


I certainly did , I don’t live in Dublin . I’ll be fucked if I’m travelling up to see a practice match .And I was referring to the league & championship, not this mickey mouse cup :yum:


They will probably build a luas to Knocklyon now as well, poor aul SS has only got 2 so far. On 2nd thoughts this stadium really should be in Blanch/The Knock, or Lucan


For a second there looking at them sandbags I thought that was St. Conleths Park. On closer inspection it wasn’t.


Could ye imagine the shitstorm from the likes of Ewan if they had built it in Abbotstown :grin:


Cant believe I will have to go all the way to the Spawell, for the past so many years I’ve had a ritual of driving to Coolock, having a coffee in Northside shopping center ( the great great shopping center ) then onto the nell or croke park, but in fairness I think it’s a good move, I’ve lived all over Dublin and am currently living on the south side so as I drive its no issue for me. Also it would be good to keep Parnell Park as it’s our spiritual home but not sure if that would be possible


I suspect you’ll be still drinking cofffe in Northsde Shopping centre til 2025 even if this does go through


Sounds like you need a coffee this morning :wink:


I did indeed need a coffee this morning, got a nice large american from costa coffee, and before anyone asks I’m not recieving any gratitutes from costa


Do you suffer from Insomnia …


No I dont mind insomnia, it just happens the coffee shop was costa


I hear they’re trying to expand into China … the country … not the delph …


You probably got a dose of the trots though as the coffee is sh1te from it.


yea - what is it with these costa places, the food is gick as well.


Would go for Insomnia myself…


as for Donaghy… do you think star bucks the trend?