Spawell Stadium


Cos your a Meath wanna be ?


[quote=“Bosco, post:101, topic:1586”]
Cos your a Meath wanna be ?
[/quote]I’m plenty far from that border thankfully


close enough though


Shurrup you :stuck_out_tongue:


Mixed feelings about this but most of that is coming from a purely selfish point of view. Having had the misfortune of using public transport out that direction when going to the inlaws before I drove, it will be a nightmare for me to go and have a few pints and watch the Dubs. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like going for a few pints after watching Dublin beat the living shite of Mayo on a cold dark February night.


c 6,000 members between, boden and judes then TSS and Faughs


come on lostcause is there any dubs in faughs


really showing the age now they joined since the 90s


I never knew only the Northsiders supported the Dubs. :grinning:

I persume club games will still be in PP. With the exception of finals. 25,000 a perfect size in my opinion.


Its location near the centre of the M50, just off a dual carriageway (N81) and on good cross city bus routes is excellent. Have you ever tried to get to PP from the Southside. Malahide Road is a disaster and coming through Whitehall a joke. As for parking - don’t start me. There are good places in Dublin outside of the Dublin 5 area. There are also Dublin supporters (and players!!) in the Southside.


[quote=“Boarddelegate1, post:110, topic:1586”]There are also Dublin supporters (and players!!) in the Southside.

Aye … but jaysus I hate tokenism … it’s like this gender balance fella …


Just making the point that Dublin teams represent all of County Dublin not just the area adjacent to Parnell Park.


Ah yeah but it’s a bit like the Unionists thinking they are part of Britain.


Ah lads why are some of you giving out about how difficult it might be to get here? Two buses from anywhere in Dublin and you’re there in 2 hours max. It’s only 25/30 mins from town on a bus. It takes me 1 1/2 hours to get out to PP on a Saturday evening getting 2 buses. Usually go a little early, couple of pints in town or Craobh clubhouse and same on the way home. Sometimes it’s a great opportunity (cough, cough, excuse) to have a few more in town on the way home. It becomes more of an occassion. Suck it up guys and look at the positive in it.
The A I club champions are 5 minutes walk. Judes next door. Why not have a few pints in these places? Then go into town after?
Plenty of supporters in this area of Dublin who already go to games in PP. It’s not like there are 10 times more Northsiders than Southsiders at games. Get a grip.
I’ve started to really dislike games in Croker on cold evenings with barely 25000 people there. No atmosphere. It has turned off plenty of people i know who have stopped going to league games as a result. Now a packed 25000 seater would create a cracking atmosphere for league games. Bring it on I say.


Fair play Amigo and with it being far nearer the equator it’d be lovely and warm too.

Don’t mind us blue blood Northsiders … we’re only winding ye up … :wink:


the southsiders want heated seats with their cupcakes


Be careful with the windups or you might find this on the toll bridge on match days.

Welcome to the new age of Dublin supporter.


:grin: but at €3 a pop our beloved toll masters ain’t gonna let that happen!!

I thought the M50 was only on the Northside. Don’t suppose ye have an international airport?


Tollmasters are Southsiders. Don’t need the money. Just have to cut down on the Crystal and fois gras for a few weeks and make the money back. Simples.
No need for an international airport when each parish has it’s own communal runway with jet. Of course all bought with profit from M50 tolls. :grinning:
In fairness, although there is mostly banter with regard to the location of the stadium, there are a few who have been, for want of a better word, moaning about travelling such “terrible” distances.
Love the bit of banter though, me.:slight_smile:


15000 on the m50? So as bad as 50-60,000 on championship days then?