Spawell Stadium


im surprised vincents havnt made a comment yet, they’ve more pull than the Kardishians


I think considering the proposed ground is right beside a very built up, and very well represented GAA area that this would not be a problem.
Plenty of clubs within 5 minutes of the spawell so don’t see why there would be no locals around the new ground.


Pretty sure there’s Dublin people living near the spawell…


Are we sure this is true and not FAKE NEWS?


i plead the fifth on that one


Really don’t like the idea of travelling over to Spawell for Dublin games.

No tradition out there, all else must step aside in the face of progress though.

Be sad to see Parnell lie unused and senior championship games be 5% full in some stadium at the side of a motorway.

Looking forward to the crowd of 150 people for Vincents Setanta in the DSHC packed in to the Burger King Pepsi Cola Arena


Yeah nothing to beat the existing atmosphere of a few thousand club supporters marching down Collins Avenue Extension singing Tommy Conroy’s Biue and White Army, the smell of hot dogs and burgers, the friendly banter and fake plastic hammer ‘fights’ between fans, the open air Donnycarney bars where everyone mingles and swap anecdotes before filling the ground for that vital DSFC quarter final. I’m gonna miss that …


That’s why you’d hope they could hold on to Parnell park as well really, might not be able to. mind you crowds at shc games are pretty terrible anyways, until the knockout stages.


I very much think they will hang on to PP.

We need a Northside venue too … other than our main home …


I presume one of the outer pitches could be fenced as well if they want to have that as available for club matches as well


I don’t actually get the negativity of having to travel over to the far side of the city to see the Dubs play. You’ll have the begrudgers harping on at us that we won’t even travel within our own county :joy:


My fear is the hard border. Will the Southsiders allow us Northsiders travel there freely to support the Dubs?


We’ll let you leave if you boys get in.


Depends on the exchange rate of the euro to the D4 euro


Bad enough I married a Southsider without having to go and watch the Dubs play there :grin:


At least you don’t have to put up with the *in-laws!

  • [presume they don’t talk to/acknowledge/recognise you and would actually prefer if their daughter had hooked up with a member of IS]


[quote=“Dub09, post:96, topic:1586”]
At least you don’t have to put up with the *in-laws!
[/quote]Why do you think I live in the outback of North County Dublin!


At least we’ll be able to stock up on sun dried tomatoes.


It’s an ill wind … that dries those tomatoes. Quiche too!


and the local stadium shop stocked with wine, cheese boards and cup cakes