Spawell Stadium


O Toole park is the rathnew of hurling venues.


It’s grey , lifeless and Soulless


Rathnew or O’Toole park, or both? :sunglasses:


One thing O’Toole Park doesn’t do is hold water. It is built on a railway dumping ground for cinders from the steam engine days, with the result that the drainage is excellent. The pitch is wider than Parnell and about the same length, the tight surrounds would fool you into thinking otherwise.


Cinders and ashes!!


Pitch in O’Toole is excellent, it’s just the rest of it that’s sh**e


It’s like playing in the prison yard of mount joy


Experienced it?


What does/did everyone think of the loss/sale of the old St Vincent’s grounds in Raheny?


Thanks for that info BD.
When I said it was one of the best fields to hold water I was saying that it doesnt get waterlogged ie it drains well.
There is no way it is as long as parnell though


cant find where we were posting about PUC Nua, and since the last post is about water this is timely.

a little bird tells me that matches scheduled for Kip Nua were moved to Flower Lodge because of flooding in the changing rooms/area. it was a very wet weekend to be fair.

lets hope its ship shape for the super eights and the new hill 17 next year.