Spawell Stadium


O Toole park is the rathnew of hurling venues.



It’s grey , lifeless and Soulless



Rathnew or O’Toole park, or both? :sunglasses:



One thing O’Toole Park doesn’t do is hold water. It is built on a railway dumping ground for cinders from the steam engine days, with the result that the drainage is excellent. The pitch is wider than Parnell and about the same length, the tight surrounds would fool you into thinking otherwise.



Cinders and ashes!!



Pitch in O’Toole is excellent, it’s just the rest of it that’s sh**e

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It’s like playing in the prison yard of mount joy

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Experienced it?



What does/did everyone think of the loss/sale of the old St Vincent’s grounds in Raheny?



Thanks for that info BD.
When I said it was one of the best fields to hold water I was saying that it doesnt get waterlogged ie it drains well.
There is no way it is as long as parnell though



cant find where we were posting about PUC Nua, and since the last post is about water this is timely.

a little bird tells me that matches scheduled for Kip Nua were moved to Flower Lodge because of flooding in the changing rooms/area. it was a very wet weekend to be fair.

lets hope its ship shape for the super eights and the new hill 17 next year.

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Can’t find any info on the Spawell. Have development plans been shelved. I see Peter Lawrie is re-opening the driving range on 1st Feb, allegedly on a 3yr 4mth lease. Anyone have any idea is it put back or dead in the water?



The other leases were always meant to run past 2020 anyway weren’t they? I’m not sure if this is coinciding with the driving range lease too?

You could probably still start pitch development on the pitch and putt course itself. Could definitely get one pitch in there if not a second as well

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Just waiting for the other leases to run out,still going ahead.



John Costello has an update on p32 on his report. Alas can’t cut and paste on phone!

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Spawell Complex
Since the completion of our strategic plan - The Blue Wave Strategy 2011 - 2017 - the Dublin
County Committee has focussed on identifying and procuring additional GAA facilities in
Dublin to meet the demands of the growing numbers of participants who wish to play our
games. This work is being carried out at a time when most clubs are finding it impossible to
acquire land to develop additional pitches, due to both the shortage and the increasingly high
cost of land in Dublin.
In addition to acquiring land close to new and developing clubs the County Committee
recognises that the optimum way forward is for Dublin GAA to acquire sites around the
county to allow it provide cluster facilities with floodlights and all-weather capacity for use
on a shared basis by Dublin GAA clubs.
The concept of developing cluster facilities has the following advantages:-
 They allow maximum utilisation of the pitches as they are not subject to the impact of
individual club life-cycles where pitches can often be underutilised for several years;
 They assist the County Committee in putting forward a cohesive plan to Government
or to the Local Authority to obtain development funding; and
 They allow the clubs to focus on other areas such as recruitment, retention and
coaching of players of all genders and age groups.
The Dublin County Committee recognised the Spawell complex, as one of the locations,
which represented a unique opportunity to house a cluster facility which would achieve all
the above objectives. The site is in a pivotal position at the south east corner of Tymon Park.
It is immediately adjacent to the M50 at the Tallaght exit (at N81), servicing the entire Dublin
Motorway network and thus provides convenient access by road from all parts of Dublin. It is
serviced by several bus routes (including QBC routes along the N81 boundary of the site) and
rail (Luas to Tallaght at about 2 kilometres) and has excellent pedestrian and cycle access. It
is immediately adjacent to a number of Dublin GAA clubs and is within convenient travel
distance for most Dublin GAA clubs from all catchment areas.
The County Committee finalised the purchase of the complex in 2017 through a subsidy
company, Blue Clusters CLG. This company is mandated to develop, operate and manage the
Spawell Complex on behalf of Dublin GAA. In the intervening period, the company’s board
of directors - under the chairmanship of Sean Benton - has continued to manage the
operations on site and work on the development of the masterplan for the entire complex.
The development of the masterplan necessitated the commissioning of several reports:
 Topographical survey of the site where the pitches will be located;
 Survey of existing drainage system;
 Survey of the internal layout and the elevations of the buildings; and
 Preparation of a feasibility study for the site.
Some of the surveys are completed and the remaining reports will be completed in early
2019. The board expect that the site will allow for one All Weather Pitch, three Prunty
Pitches, Floodlights, Training Areas, Hurling Wall and dressing rooms. It is expected that
work will commence on site in mid-2019.
I wish to thank Sean Benton and the other members of project team - Sean Shanley, Michael
Hand, Jim Brogan Brendan Waters, Gerry McGreevy - for their commitment to this
development. The support for this project from Árd Stiúrthóir Tom Ryan and the GAA
Director of Finance, Gerard Mulryan, is also appreciated.




Interesting quote…

“Croke Park wouldn’t give us grants to build a stadium and take away from Croke Park. That’s where we’re at.”



Ahbyea, lets have a different stadium for every day of the week.



of course they wouldnt - we’ve been talking about that for ages here.

I have long been of the belief that it was never a DCB decision to move back (The throw In Podcast being another one who thinks we started playing league games in CP in 2011) to Croke Park for the league.

The GAA had been attacked from all quarters for having the shiny new stadium empty for most of the year. When the IRFU and FAI went back to D4 the sniping started again, but there was always dublin to fill the gap.

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