Spawell Stadium


O’Toole Park?


exactly! :stuck_out_tongue:


He said decent


Some very snobby anti-Southside stuff here. Knocking the natural amphitheatre in Crumlin just because of a certain MMA fighter.


€45million (seen it as €50million in the examiner) for a 20,000 capacity stadium??? What in the name of christ is going into it, gold urinals or something? building costs in this country are mental. Unless DCB were to get government assistance they are right not to go near it (even though i want us to have a proper ground with something like 30k capacity). Of course if they were to get assistance like Cork (and whoever is doing casement, antrim or down) got there would be murder because it’s the dubs.

Even if they sold Parnell and O’Toole Park they’d be in the hock.

However… it would mean extra Spawell Park Passes. There’s always a silver lining :smiley:


boom boom.


O’toole has a great Sod though, just needs the pitch & putt out to get it up to full size


Who owns the pitch & putt (land)?


Ah now, I thought you could get beaten up in Crumlin just for crossing the street.


I wouldn’t cross anything in that 'hood!!!


In fairness it would have been one of the most utilised GAA stadia would have been garenteed to be full 4/5 times a year unlike most including the white elephant just built down in cork.


more i would say, league football and hurling would probably be split so more sales, and a lot of leinster matches woulod be there, any dublin hurling home championship matches, maybe first championship game for the footballers, and then the sort of leinster/backdoor games we see between other leinster counties in PP.

And belive me, cork will siphon every game within 100 miles next year, even though it is STILL not finished and the final bill has yet to be presented.


I d say your right but how many times a year will PUC be full.thought Stawell stadium would have actually been a good project.


And somewhere that a team can change, have a shower, use a Physio table instead of in the jacks.


Maybe twice a year . Other then that it’s a paddy field in winter . An absolute shit hole in my view . I wouldn’t have greyhound racing there


i think so too. if it was built what they should be doing is a pitch the exact same dimensions as croke park, three stands and a terrace end (sort of like CP without the top tier/boxes). You can imagine the outcries from other counties lol

i think that DCB realise that they would never get the planning anyway, there would be a world of objections.


Wasnt the original plan just for the centre of excellence with the possibility of the stadium sometime in the future?


think the plan was for a ground, somewhere. they were happy to go on using where they are using (DCU?UCD??) but they wanted a larger capacity ground. The problem is getting planning really i would suppose and then the massive costs which just look extortionate.

At the end of the day it simply costs less to hire out croke park for league games, and there is a long history of dublin playing their league games there anyway. Never saw the kerry team of the 70’s moan about dublin playing their league games in Croke Park. Until the GAA say we cant use CP for league games its madness to go elsewhere, even if in the long run such a stadium would be a money spinner from events outside of Dublin/GAA matches - if they can find a location to build it where every tom dick and harry in the surrounding areas would not object to it.


??? Completely inaccurate. Its one of the best fields in the county to hold water and it doesn’t dry out in the summer either.


OToole park is an embarrassment to us. Hurling deserves better.