Spawell Stadium


It’s an amatuer organisation with massive costs involved. Therefore money has to be at the forefront of the people in charge. Without it, the availability of paid coaches diminishes as well as the availability of grants for pitch development around the country.

We obviously won’t agree on it though so I’ll leave it at that


But the Sky/Eir games were extra games and RTE were never in line to take them.

If Sky/ Eir didn’t take them they wouldn’t be on TV, would you prefer that?


Is money from RTE/TV3 not TV money?


No not the same thing as far as I’m concerned at all. TV3 would have paid for the extra games.

Like Maxi said we’ll agree to differ. For 20 years the GAA trenchantly said they would not go down this road … then they did. And they couldn’t be upfront about why - money. They recently and quietly extended it out for another 5 years. I completely disagree with the GAA on subscription tv and it would never have passed Congress … which is why they were never asked. Money is important but so are principles.


They hadn’t got a washer when they lost the rights 3 years ago, they are more stable now but are more interested in other Sports and also it isn’t available in the whole of Ireland either :wink:

They extended it out quietly cause there wasn’t any other people interested


Losing the initial deal was a hammer blow.

Could they stream it online - that way the games would get to zillions of diaspora which is all that McKenna ever wanted … :wink:


How sustainable is the model though of county players living like amateur monks for no money ?
The GAA is in a crisis in my view


Well I suppose the best way for me to fund using places like abbotstown in the winter etc etc, is to start putting on a gate at our own club matches so we can start generating more money.

I understand what your saying about the funds requierd to maintain GPO’s etc, but its too much in my view. €80 is fine, but if you wanted to use it every week or every fortnight, then that’s that. The GAA are generating the massive money to do that, local clubs are not


TV 3 were not in a position to offer much at all a few years back. In fact they were somewhat late in ponying up what they did owe from previous deals. RTÉ only wanted what they wanted. The Sky money was the only other money available.

However €7 million given to the GPA would buy an awful lot of hours in Abbotstown/Alfie Byrne Park :wink::wink:


Didn’t realise the GPA got that much. Do they publish accounts showing a breakdown of their income and expenditure?



… and if this was a GAA club doing such a deal?


I would be all for it as well. The more sports facilities for the community the better.


No… I agree… any sports facilities is better than none… what I was suggesting was that if a GAA club (especially in Dublin) was to clinch such a deal nowadays, the Indo would be all over it, asking questions about backhanders, etc.


Eir sports didn’t exist then… after what they have done with the rugby you never know where they may head next, although I’d say Sky will have a spake in that.




Happy enough with this to be honest for selfish reasons.

Bring it Northside…


Right decision. How long would it have taken to recoup the €45 million cost of the stadium that only would have been needed for inter county league games and the odd Hurling championship game.


while i liked the idea of a medium sized stadium to fit league matches better, it’s not worth 50 million. the GAA spends far too much on stadia as it is.

A decent venue for club games on southside is badly needed and center of excellence sounds great. also 8 pitches for use by local clubs sounds great as well.