Spawell Stadium


Agreed on the creatures of habit point. The move to Nolan Park last year cut our support in half compared to the previous years opening match. Granted NP couldnt take the 34k that attended the Dublin Longford game in 2015 but considering only 17k went along it was 10k under capacity. Its also obvious Spawell is in Dublin and not KK but I don’t think thats important. Its what brings people to Croker that’s key.

Croke Park is devoid of atmosphere in the league but it still gets a lot more people in. The truth is we have a core support of about 10k or less in the league for home games. Strip the novelty of Croker away and that’s what your reduced to.

I’m not for a moment saying it shouldn’t be built but just don’t expect similar attendances.


You forgot Realt Dearg.


But why do other people apply double standards when assessing other stadia in Ireland
Thee is absolutely no necessity for the stadium . It’s a vanity project .

What would generate real tangible benefit to Dublin GAA people is a proper facility for club games .

A 25,000 capacity will not be open for club games


Start getting 30k to Croker for league games if anyone wants to make a case for z large stadium in spawell. Bullzh1t excuses like atmosphere don’t count for me, supporters are there to follow the team or am I innocent


For a start, O’Toole park needs to be replaced, it was the south sides county ground and it’s (widely accepted) a pile of shite! The 24k seater is debatable at best, but we could easily get 12k at Parnell a couple of times a year, so why not make capacity that bit bigger to allow for the odd occasion that we may need it! I personally think it’s a good idea and will help promote GAA games on the south side.


What type of Jet are you driving nowadays bud?


Posted that 13 days ago mate , do try and keep up :wink::wink:
I live in tallaght and am in PP 20 /25 later when I go to games on a sat night , spawell is 2 mins further down motorway .Thanks for asking though.


funny enough i had thought that 30k ground would have been what we need, going by the average at the spring series. As long as the pitch has the exact same surface and dimensions as croke park i guess thats all that matters.

It was good to see Bitter and the Boilers receive the news that Dublin want to get out of Croke Park with graciousness. What am I saying lol - they want Spawell to be open to other sports and to be available to all the other leinster counties in the championship!!

i hope they have their next roadshow in the laughter lounge.


If Louth were playing any county in the south of Leinster it could be a real option for them. Though it may mean no more trips to Drogheda …


Or if you had a 4th round qualifier between Down and Tipp


That’s because it’s all Downhill from the south side fella :sunglasses:


Sounds like a much smaller stadia (2,500) initially for underage and i presume club games, with a centre of excellence.


So the gnashing of the teeth from certain quarters to continue for another while longer


a common sense approach it appears to me anyways


Agreed - Loney was making some fair points about the need v expense of a 25,000 stadium.

It would be great to play league games in a packed stadium around that size, with a proper atmosphere but probably not worth the expense of it unfortunately.


max 7 home league games a year between the codes is the bottom line.


yep - agreed.


Good to see pitches going into Spawell, purely anecdotal I know , but at weekends on taxi duty with kids from 14-16 in the back , the availability of pitches to train on and play matches on is very important in retaining kids at that age - they are fickle enough , so having available pitches means training happens and matches get played and that’s positive . Hope they put a good number in there . And a place for a decent coffee …


Any road that moves you closer to Cork can only be a bad thing. It’s closer to Cunningham for a start, and we should bot be making it any easier for that big turnip headed dinosaur to get to training.


I wonder how much they will be charging clubs to use them…