Spawell Stadium


More need to start attending league games in Croker prrhaps


We are 4 days from start of league you wouldn’t think so with the lack of coverage in papers and especially on the TV , but what’s new , it’s the same every year .RTE couldn’t be arsed to show any live games , yet country goes into meltdown over sky showing champion games


Problem is a lot of the counties themselves, it is not that they don`t take it seriously, but they use it for different purposes and rarely start the league playing the top players therefore in a lot of quarters is viewed as not been taken seriously. So it is always going to be hard to get the not so die hard GAA people to buy into it.


They don’t own the rights and I’m glad.

It’s nice to see how TG4 and Eir cover the games. I really enjoy TG4’s coverage.


I’ve said this before. People go on about the Sky deal and it’s unfair on people yet the League has been shown on Eir/Setanta for at least the last 10 years and the same people don’t say boo about it.


Because if Eir/Setanta didn’t show the games they wouldn’t be shown at all. No comparison with sky deal where some of the most important games of the year taken away from free to air channels.


Am not defending RTE by any stretch of the imagination, but the league coincides with the Six Nations, on a lot of weekends. The rugger is a much bigger money spinner for them, than the league is. They would be hard pressed to cover the league (in both codes,) the rugger & the racing, as as well as give air time to their regular non sporting programming. Maybe they’ll pursue more GAA coverage if losing the Six Nations rights is a long term thing.


I’m not convinced 10k would be turned away from the Nell. If we moved away from Croker for the league I dont think Spawell will get circa 20k for each league game. I think people go to Croker for 3 reasons. Its a novelty being in one of Europe’s biggest stadiums, it’s facilities and ease of access due to every transport radial running near it.

Spawell would lack 2 of the above and the Nell lacks all 3. For big crowds in Spawell raw competiveness is required and that won’t happen in the short term.

I agree on the Croker ghost stadium point, but not the idea all those people will take to a new ground on a relatively remote location on the edge of the city. We need a proper home but it’s for the future in my view.


Relatively remote location??? It’s in the middle of one of the most populated areas in Dublin. The following GAA Clubs are in a 5km radius of the Spawell:
Judes, Faughs, Crumlin, Ballyboden, St. Anne’s, Thomas Davis, St. John’s, Templogue Synge St., St. Marks, Ballyboden Wanderers, Good Council, Round Towers, etc. etc. The likes of Kilmacud, Olafs etc. Only 5-10km away. I’m sure if it was built & relatively decent crowds were going, a shuttle service from the city centre wide beset up. On a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon a bus would take about 20 mins to get from City Centre to Spawell…not exactly the 3 day camel ride some are claiming!


arguably no other site in dublin could have 2 clubs within 250 metres of it.

I still feel a lot of summer championship supporters who moan come September time wont be seen in Croker or elsewhere in Dublin for a league game


3 really including Ballyboden


Comrade Daedalus said relatively remote, which I took to mean relative to other stadiums, in other locations. Compared to Croke Park, Parnell Park, the Aviva etc and their proximity to the city centre and Luas, Dart, bus & train links, Templeogue is relatively remote imo.


Do you ever get the feeling, that no matter how good the idea is and the intentions are, people will find a reason to moan?
Have a look around you people, the world is falling apart politically and morally, the advent of a medium sized GAA stadium just off the M50 is a good thing relatively speaking!


'Tis the age old saga of North v South, Rochey.

'Twas ever thus !


Did you ever thing of going into politics? Or starting a religious sect or something? I think you’d smash it!


Or starting a political religious sect? I could call it renua? Or the Christian democrats? That would work, wouldn’t it?


maybe third time lucky …


That’s an awful name for a party/sect


No need to get the hump!


And Irish/GAA people are awful fussy creatures of habit. When was the last actual new major Gah greenfield site stadium?