Spawell Stadium


Fair enough. But what about the fact that Nolan, Cullen, Wexford etc are all maintained, and hardly ever filled? Why not scrap them all (just keep them as much smaller stadiums)for a top class 25000 stadium that can be used regularly for a neutral venue? And put it in West Dublin or North Kildare.

It’s the whole “every county has to have its own elephant” thing that’s the issue in my view. But a regional alternative to Croker has real value, for games that just don’t make sense in Croker.


I agree on that but why add to a failed policy by building another stadium when we know the ones you mention will still remain


how about giving counties a schedule of home games, i dunno maybe 10 home games a season, in a competition where everyone is trying to win and where you are pitted against roughly your own level of competition. Then counties could build stadia to fit their average gate, not building big ugly stadia to fit one in a blue moon crowds?


It really depends upon how or if the much talked about re-organisation of the structures comes into effect over the next decade. Should it happen that the league becomes not only a detached secondary competition then i can envisage the average gate growing. If not, then yeah, it will only be full a couple of times a year.


The building of Pairc Ui Chaoimh hasn’t taken 1 cent away from development squads in Cork. They won u14, 15, 16 & 17 All Irelands this year so it’s not exactly having a detrimental affect!! Irish people love a good moan…moan when something’s not being built, moan when something is being built. When it’s completed Cork people will be very proud of it and any negativity will fall away.


That’s the issue right there. “De Dubs are dictaaahhhtshin’ dat we have reduuuce capaaci’hy, an let our flagship home of football/hurlin degeneraaate int’ naahhn. Never! Never! Never!”


they’ve done nothing at football


Sure we’ve done nothing in Hurling & we’ve had money thrown at us left right & centre. In the last 30 Years Cork footballers have won: 3 Snr. All-Irelands (Runners up 6 times) - 5 u21 All-Irelands(Runners up 3 times) & 3 Minor All-Irelands (Runners up twice)…not bad for the poor relation sport in the county!


Thats the biggest challenge in cork football alright.

i thought the cork dev squads lost one of the age groups in 2016, having done the clean sweep in 2015? … but either way, they’re on the way back. They did neglect their underage for a long time though, compared to Kilkenny.


I know they did but that had nothing to do with them redeveloping Pairc Ui Chaoimh. They were a traditional power & took it for granted that they’d just always produce All Ireland winning teams. The County Board are not liked down there & some people will use any excuse to try & have a pop at them. As a County in the last 30 years they have won 8 Snr. All Irelands & have been in 10 other Finals…not bad going for any County. Cork is the 2nd city in this country & needs its own modern stadium.


ah sher i know, i live down there, P ui C was depressingly dilapidated.


Have fabulous memories of the place from 1983 - a day of days.


Anyone from here ever go to a Siamsa Cois Laoi? From what I’ve seen on RTE archives, etc, they looked like mad festivals. No shortage of pints of Murphy’s and Harp.


As for the Spawell project I think anything that increases the GAA’s presence in Dublin is a good thing. Your not going to please everyone all the time but so be it. Another positive of it would be the fact that Judes & Faugh’s could do a deal to use the playing pitches. All in all a positive move & further securing the long term future of Dublin GAA.


My liver screams in agony every time I think of it … but what a day (well 2 actually as didn’t make it back till the Monday :grinning: )


agreed just don’t need a stadia


Great footage of John Denver playing that in the 80s on YouTube, perfect sound quality. And if you don’t like The Denster, worth it for the hair-cuts+clothes


And 6 national league titles


Ok Bart, I see where you are coming from and agree fully that there as been money squandered on building stadiums around the country. But on the other side of the coin, we are currently in a situation that our league games are attracting in or around 20k, Parnell Park can’t handle that and if the league games were to go back there we would be turning away 10k supporters, surely not a good idea.
If we are to continue playing the league games in Croke park, we are doing an injustice to the players and supporters forcing games to be played in a ghost stadium, not exactly a good advertisement for the game.
IMO the spring series has backfired to an extent, before it, the Nell was able to handle the crowds, but the spring series brought in the masses with the help of fireworks displays and what not, but that bubble has burst and we now find ourselves in a situation where one stadium is far too big and the other far too small. So what do you do continue playing away in a ghost atmosphere until you eventually turn another 10k off and can go back to the Nell?


Dublin needs its own stadium full stop , footballers are highly unlikely to ever play league football in PP again , the pitch is to small and to prone to getting water logged plus its a nightmare for parking,
The cost of building a stadium on the spawell site will be more than picked up by what DCB gets for PP. " build it and they will come ":grinning: