Spawell Stadium


Agreed - I’m one of the lucky one’s travelling northbound in the mornings and southbound in the evenings and rarely have any issues (Travelling Knocklyon - Lucan and back)

Don’t see how it would be any big deal for matches - there would really only be a big crowd at weekend matches when the M50 would be very quiet anyway!


Look don’t mind us travelling daily on it , Bart is always right around here !

Prob one of the longest Auxiliary lane sections on the M50 and with no traffic at Ballymount exit for a weekend game , be no hassle.

Might be hassle getting out afterwards.


Are the people moaning about M50 traffic also moaning about traffic and lack of parking near Parnell park?

Also in regards to traffic yeah the motorway is bad during peak times but noone is talking about playing county matches at 6pm on a Monday evening. All of these matches will be at off peak times on saturday evening/sunday afternoon when there are no issues with traffic.


I’m asking why build the stadium? what’s the need

I’ve accepted the M50 is only a Car-Park when I’m on it. The word goes out and all these robotic cars that drive slowly appear on it .


Whats the need - Parnell will never be expanded and is used to death.
Southside has no facilities (been 15/20 years since i played in O’Toole park and it was a kip)


Do you have a problem with only a centre of excellence being in the Spawell?


None . Can never have enough of them

Just the stadium

There was a lengthy thread here about white elephant stadia in Ireland . Why are we building one in Dublin ? It seems we only have a problem with them being built elsewhere .

The stadium is too big for club games so anyone who thinks cost wise it would ever be open for a junior c hurling final really is in dreamland


Carlow’s Dr Cullen Pk now holds 21k. Part of the deal with renovation/expansion was that County Finals from all ages across all codes get held their.
Why not us?


would there be an option to have concerts and the likes there as well to generate funds? The RDS holds concerts and has a smaller capacity


Concerns me hugely that we are building a stadia bigger then one of the biggest rugby franchises in Europe

Leinster play there 20 times a season at least . We might have 5-6 games at ours

I’ll just let that sit there for digestion …


I think you might underestimate the amount of games held there.

Also on Leinster, how do you make it 20 games at least? Presumably 11 home Pro 12 games plus some (not all) European games


Now you have it, an open minded suggestion that looks for outside revenue streams, bring money from outside into the GAA’s pockets…

One slight problem, concert venues defo need better transport links in terms of public transport…some sort of luas/rail links would be good. People are more likely to drive to matches, but concerts…i’m not sure.

Also, corporate use should be included (staff training, conferences, events). Croker and Aviva defo benefit from these.
Also puts the venue to use during the day and out of season…


i said it before - they could go big and bold and work with Dublin bus etc and create a park and ride facility there with a dedicated service which in turn would be beneficial when matches are on.

But that would be joined up thinking


been to marlay park for a concert ??


Never be allowed by the GAA …

in case Garth Brooks rented it out for 8 or 9 nights, it could ruin their hold over summer gigs :grin: :grin:


:grinning: The Dubs playing at the Royal Dublin Society … or will it be the Laya Healthcare Arena by then :grinning:


Thurles anyone? Small town with 55,000 stadium. Infrastructure? Light rail?

Leinster region needs a small to medium stadium which is handy enough for all teams to get to


Hmm I’m trying to think of an 82,000 seater stadium in Tipp as well as another one with 10k capacity but I’m sure it will come to me.


You knew my point. Quite a few big games happen in Thurles, in a place with much worse access than Spawell, and it works out OK. That stuff is red herring.
As I said your points about the need or value of having a stadium there are valid. But do you agree Leinster region needs a central stadium as alternative to Croker? If it means neglect of Dr Cullen, Nolan, Wexford,Tullamore, and Navan(already happened) then so be it. Portlaoise is just about a possible option but far from ideal.


There are plenty of stadia in Leinster already in my view.

Lets not to what they are doing in Cork which is building a White Elephant in detriment to their development teams.

We’e gotten to where we are without a stadium why do we need one ? Build the Centre of Excellence with 10 pitches and all the ancillary services that a Centre of Excellence requires and leave it at that.

I’d have less of a problem with a 10,000 seater to replace O Toole Park and be solely used for club games .

25,000 is ridiculous in my view. It’ll be full maybe 2-3 times out of the 5 games a season and it’s big for club games.