Spawell Stadium


I’ll send you a picture of the car park the M50 is during the week no problem .
I don’t think the stadium is necessary personally .
All it encourages is the inevitable split northside and south side


It’s a car park going northbound alright. Different matter going south but you like alternative facts…

On the stadium issue it will need to be used for Leinster championship games as well to justify it.


It’s a car park either way and I’ve sat on it often enough to speak knowledgable about it
I don’t see the need for the stadium . It’s too big for club games .
And for the amount of games played in it it’s just a white elephant unless you had two Dublin teams
Dublin should play all Leinster championship games on the road in my view .


So we’re all agreed, the M50 is at best a slow moving car park…

The location is as good as any I’ve seen mentioned, so North siders won’t be happy as they have to travel distances to get to the games, much like the south siders do at present… You can’t please all of the people all of the time…


So do you use it on a daily basis going southbound? Because if you don’t I don’t think you can be that knowledgeable on it. Because I can tell you it’s always moving or certainly I can say from the finglas exit to templeogue moves along. Plus most of the use for it will be weekends. Or in the later evenings past the rush. it will probably be worse for lads travelling from cuala and the likes than lads from ballymun

On the stadium itself that’s a different matter and I respect your opinion. I do think everyone can agree that a centre of excellence is a good idea though?


That would lead to plenty of rubber necking to be fair


Fixed that …


Thanks for the heads up :flushed:


At least twice a week southbound midweek. And I’ve yet to see it moving as it the term goes . Maybe the signal goes out that I’m on the M50 and everyone drives slower…

As regards the stadium . Maybe 2-3 games a season . It’s too big for club games . Struggling to see the need

It’ll be a centre of excellence for Dublin South.


If it’s built on the northside will that still lead to a split in your opinion?

I’d disagree on the driving southbound part. Generally am able to easily motor along at 80-100km for the most part

Presumably there’s 3/4 league games in football at home anyway plus however many for the hurlers. Can probably play one or two more Leinster championship games there as well albeit not necessarily Dublin involved. I could see closer to 10 inter county games a year but I take your point


I am on m50 every day ,costs 1000 euro on tolls every year , buts that’s another story .
Even in rush hour traffic it moves along quickly , there is only a problem when there is a crash and it creates a bottleneck , sat night football or Sunday afternoon won’t be a problem at all .


I think Dublin would play a maximum of one leinster football game a season there

The hurlers the same .

League maybe two each a season.

A lot of money that could be better spent in my view. No issue with a Centre of Excellence but the rest is frivolous and not necessary


Has anyone other than the media even indicated that a stadium will go there. Could be all pie in the sky. Put in u of 8 training pitches to cater for development squads and interco teams and see then in 10 years time if there is need for a stadium would be my thinking


Sure Dubs fans will travel anywhere apparently so who cares where the ground is


I don’t care where the stadium is as long as it’s in Dublin, I love Parnell park and always will but if there is to be a new stadia in Templeogue so be it


Some fair points in fairness. But Leinster as a region (not necessarily province because that part of games & other admin may change) IMO needs a modern small to medium sized ground that’s handy for most people. That should be in Kildare or Dublin really.
Portlaoise at a push.


The argument that a centre of excellence (although I doubt any pitch anywhere would describe itself as a centre of medicroty), is more important then a stadium is interesting in that it is a reversal of many people’s arguement in Louth. Many Louth GAA people have consistently made the point that a stadium would be of much more benifit then the (excellent) Darver complex.

I can see either side of it, and different counties have different needs. But I suspect on this, there really is no right or wrong answer.


Spa hotel is still there, its on the far side of Lucan just on the border. The West County Hotel is the other one your thinking of, kip but still open


Travel M50 on the Monday to Friday commute , Traffic is heavier southbound in the mornings and northbound in the evenings so they’ll be grand for evening training.


Cheers. Thought that site was cleared where West County used to be, just after the turn for the n4 as you come from Chapelizod bridge