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How did the old site cover costs ?


Fully understand that @Tayto - you’re obviously a very genuine and decent skin.

But the good thing about gofundme is that it is entirely optional and there is no direct pressure on anyone to pay anything. It is also possible to keep an eye on the total so when you get the €1m we can ease off!!

Can anyone IT savvy sort start a poll or petition to gauge interest/feeling on this?


Whitey had ads on it for awhile.


I’d like to try the ads and then see if we can give Ressers it a bit of a push on social media to see if we can grow it a bit and get some new users in here, we can expand the lounge for the old timers. Worth a shot i think.


It’s absolutely your prerogative @Tayto. Not ad mad meself … especially the targeted stuff that means people know what you like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only targeting will be that we’re an Irish sports site. You PPS numbers and dates of birth are safe.


What are the latest viewing figures for the site @Tayto


Best way to do it I suppose is a splashpage one click and your on the site or you can click on the offer. With impressions and click through should be enough for you and the other mods to pay for the upkeep of the site and a trip to Vegas.

BTW how do I become a mod? :grin:


Anyone else experiencing problems posting in mobile version of site using chrome in Android 8?


Do you think Ohm would be bombarded with ads for Aer Lingus?

Or, more likely, SuperValu?


No , what’s up ?


The g board on Android keeps doing a spell check and gets stuck can’t save or delete it’s ok in website mode. Just the mobile tried a different Android keyboard and the same


Oh , sorry , yes I’ve had that happen a few times.
I’ve gone into the settings on the apps & restarted Chrome , sorts it then .


Curious. I’ll see if that’s a thing on the support boards.



just shy of half a million page views is good goin in 30 days


last 12 months


Take out the first 2 stats and the rest is the story of my life


Anybody having issues replying off the phone??


Yes - on the MiA1 like yourself and at times the spell check keeps going through spellings on a loop. Clear the cache in chrome. Worked for me