Site Suggestions


Funny, I heard that said in a CAWRK accent in my head… :smile:


Cawrk would be i haaaAAAavvvee in my hoooOOOOOlllleee




I admire your tough skin and resilience. Buuoooyyyy!


They’d drive yer round the bend the crazy langers.:joy:


Going to be adding a few ads to the site to see if it can cover the cost of the hosting and for a programmer to do some tidying up and security work on the CMS now and again - might even run a few ads to get us some fresh meat.


Ah jaysus you’re not running those kind of ads?!? What about the kids??


One of the things I like most about this site is that there are no ads. The ads cheapen the look of any site. You only have to look at the state of now.

I would have no problem paying a small subscription fee if it helped keep the site Ad free and helped towards the maintenance costs. I would imagine some of the other regular users would happily do likewise.


Only one owner, low mileage …image


Ad blocker would stop you seeing them more than likely


That would work for some but not really an option for any user working in a company with a Group IT function controlling the install of all software.


County board not pay for the site ???


County board effectively sponsoring gobshites like @Danny?


I hear you and agree ads cheapen the look of a site but thought it’s worth trying them to see. It might not generate any money. I wont be plonking them mid thread like boards do, find that very annoying, just on the top and side of the site i think. If it works at all we could look at developing an add free subscription down the line so subscribers get an ad free site.


it would keep the brazilain happy


Subscription model similar to Grassroots?

It would certainly get rid of tossers like @danny et al…


Not looking at making subscription a requirement, just an option for people who don’t want to see ads. (or who can’t install ad blocker).


Would gofundme be an option? If a few people threw in a tenner - blokes like @Roman and myself could throw a couple of k at it - would that be a runner?


If the ads are tactical and relevant I don’t see a problem cab understand the site wanting to wet it’s beak to help running costs only fair


It’s an option but i don’t want to be asking yiz for cash tbh.