Site Suggestions


going ahead with a major new upgrade - please hold


Don’t fcuk it up! :grin:


See you all on the other side … maybe … :flushed:


I can’t feel my legs…:fearful:


it has completed - buggered if i can tell a difference


Wow your avatar is completely fooked now!


Can you ring Microsoft and tell them how you did it…If I upgraded the missus could you guarantee a smooth transition as that?


Has there been an update with the design of the site . I see the like function has changed .


Upgraded it yesterday. Few small changes but nothing major.


The “Unread” topics tab is a bit of a loss.


Still have it in my dropdown?


Definitely there for me too


Just looking at some of the suggestions and then the thread title, it appears there may be a h missing from the first word?


Upgraded again - let me know if you spot any new features because everything looks the same to me.


A heart symbol if you want to like something? FFS!


You old romantic you!

Can we get a button for not liking something? Maybe with an accompanying middle finger symbol?

I like the warning from the US embassy that comes up when you post on the Trump thread.

When i couldn’t get access this morning I actually thought that puns had broke the internet.


Jaysus the heart is back, I had replaced that with an arrow - the bastards must have overwrite me hack


Mods… Is there completely no facility to ad a plug-in for mute/ignore? I know this possibly goes against the ethos of the website build but but interested to know if it’s a definite no no


Am I grating you that much???


I would add one if there was one, but there ain’t. Damn tech hippies. There are a few work arounds but they aren’t great.