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How do you ignore a poster, so that you don’t see their posts?


Theres no way to do it, as far as I can see, the guy who designed this system doesn’t like it for some reason.


I usually look at their icon and then don’t read the post …

Like you’ll probably do with mine from now on … :blush:


Someone say something?


Something. :wink:

Is Ressers experiencing d’aul technical difficulties? Not able to log on on the laptop. Have changed my password twice, but still not able to log on. Am on the tablet now. Am also having to log back in, every time I leave the site. 'Zup?


I’m having the same issues on phone & tablet for logins . Guess the new site doesn’t have the login forever option .


It does. This only started happening earlier today.


same thing started happening to me last week - not sure why it’s happening all of a sudden, unless @MrBlue 's been twiddling knobs again.


While I am partial to a bit of knob twiddling I’m blameless this time.


damn. i’ll have to look into it then.


i might have switched on strict log out, which means when you log out on one device, it logs you out on all of them. have switched that off - although i don’t think that was the issue as i wasn’t logging out at all but had to login every time on every device.

have upgraded the site to the latest version - they seem to be working on new releases all the time, so are ironing out bug and adding new features.


Do you have to go to the desktop version to get the login forever option , I don’t see it on the mobile version ?


that setting is an overall admin setting - the logins are set to last 1400 hours - which mine arent, or, werent anyways before the upgrade. The upgrade might have fixed this, so lets see!


the upgrade ixed that for me, did it for you also?

I have switched off the digest emails, we’ve used almost 10,000 of them and they’re looking for loot if we go over that limit, does anyone use/like them?


Happens from time to time on my tablet but never on the phone .


Couldn’t even tell you what a digest email is never mind use them


Sometimes when I type nothing appears. Not sure if this is a site issue or the phone?


Are you using that invisible ink again TL?



Must be the phone.


Have you tried turning it off and back on again?