Site Suggestions


Being honest, it’s a bit of a pain in the hole when trying to link it to articles so we may need to look at it again.


i think that must be a setting on your account, i dont see the replies under the original post, unles i click on the replys arrow


I agree. I think it is a pain and looks stupid. To be honest I would rather read the counties names than see the black boxes


It’s poxy.


I agree, also.


Agreed. The black boxes don’t look the Mae West. If we are going to change it to anything, have it be something funny and/or original…like Mordor. The black boxes are neither.


Why not leave it with the counties actual names? Is it not a bit childish changing it?




Ah it was only a bit of craic


No problem with a rename or a star or two replacing some characters but 5 black boxes just don’t look right.


We’re the city of Joyce,Yeats, Beckett, Swift, Dub09, Stoker, the 2011 Breakfast Roll thread…we can do better than little black squares !


Not with this software we cant. That was the only option.:sunglasses:


Right you are.


I’d say Padre Pio is devestated. :joy:


Grand by me too if the black squares get dropped, didn’t want to cause any hassle, just having an admittedly childish laugh! COYBIB!


Yeah, that is what I meant when I click on the replies arrow. So you see the replies there and then again when you scroll down through the thread, was wondering if there was an option to ‘only’ see it when I click on the replies arrow? I’m guessing probably not, but worth asking!


yea - afraid not, not as far as i can see anyways.

will be doing an upgrade tomorrow at some stage lads - so site might be down for 20 minutes.


Is it just me or are a lot of the links not working right on the site, I click on a few and can`t open them.


Site needs to be rebuilt, won’t be able to do it till later today/tomorrow


okay managed to get the time to do that, and it seems to be running better now.

The Grand Cabal

Fair play Tayto. :+1: