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That’s why I find it hard to follow the likes of Pundit Arena, The42, Sports Joe etc


Site upgraded to v1.6.0.beta8 - see there’s a little drag bar to scroll through long threads … not sure what else changed.


There seems to be posts disappearing from a thread in the Gach rud eile section. Assume this is a teething thing?


Which thread?


Is there any way to let people know en masse, that when quoting another poster, you have to click the bubble icon, for their quoted text to appear in your post?

Constantly having to click on posters ID icons to see who they are responding to is a real pain…especially in a fast moving topic, like a match thread.

Or can you just get rid of the bubble icon completely?


Just seems to be a bit of Trouble Brewing… :wink:


I didn’t realise punning would be removed … It was not even a sports thread anyway …

Elsewhere lads insult the crap out of each other … or post crap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and it’s left up …

Dublin fan site where wit is removed … wow

Shocked …


Fair point Dub09 BUT

It’s not just isolated stuff and when everyone jumps on board, you have 15-20 posts of puns and the thread loses it’s meaning.

Not trying to be a killjoy but you can always start your own puns thread if you want :wink:


Nah - sound. Doesn’t work like that. But your call.


Ha… a stout defence.




Story Bud?


Storey Bud?

That’s so wrong on every level.


@ProudDub If they are replying to a set post, without quoting it, then the name of the person they are replying to will appear to the right of their answer - like i am replying to you now, so to the right of this your avatar will be there with an arrow - click this and you will see the post thats being replied to.


Thank you for replying kind Sir.

Yes, I get all that. It is the fact that you have to click on the posters avatar at all, that is getting my goat, especially In a fast moving thread, with a lot of replies to other peoples posts. I loved the old format where quoted text automatically populated a post. There was no need to click on any bubbles to get it to show.

Are posters not aware of the bubble & what it does? Hence my wondering if ye mods had quickie way of alerting posters to it. Using it, makes threads easier to read, at a glance imo.


You can also quote by highlighting the text n their post and clicking on the “quote” button which appears, which works more like the old site. not sure how to make a site announcement i’ll have a look at the manual


Cheers bossman. If I’m the only one bothered by it, perhaps its no big deal. But in another couple of months, when the AI champo really heats up and match threads are getting longer and longer, perhaps it will make a difference then. The current discussion of the fall out from the loss to KK is a lot easier to read at a glance, when wifi, alan, loneranger etc use the bubbles, than when others posters don’t.


All constructive feedback is welcome @ProudDub - thanks!


Is there a way, in my settings, or otherwise, to only see replies to a post underneath that post and not both there and in the main body of the topic? I like the idea of being able to see all the replies under the original post, but a bit of a pain to have to read past them again when back in the main thread.


Now that Meath is up and running, shouldn’t West"§$%& be next? If memory serves and all that, that’s the way it used to be…?