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Or you can just say it to my face :grin:


moved it - the way this works if you go to the Gaelic Football category, you see all the threads in there and also in the sub-categories (club football), so i have made a ‘county’ category in Gaelic football and hurling sections, so that you can filter just to county stuff if you want to.


i think that makes more sense?


Think that’s better allright. Nice one.


Do all posts in club football now require pre-approval?


@DubStep nope - i just set it so users with less then 10 posts require approval, across the whole site, most people should hit that quick enough


@DubStep you have 11 now so just be able to post without approval.


The m button on y keyboard has sashed leaving me issing it ore times than not. Thankfully m is not a assively iportant letter and soeties the auld spell checker helps things along too by correcting words. A issing vowel would be ore serious or an r or s or n – but I can get by without the rogue m – especially if I thup the issing key hard with y finger. If I refer to ichael Dara cAuley or Jaes cCarthy ye’ll know who I ean.


Sometimes notifications repeat themselves, as in I will be notified of a reply then when I log in again the same notification will occur again?


I’m having that myself TL

Think it might be something to do with unapproved posts being approved by mods or posts that have been deleted.

Will have a look at it when I get a chance


No panic dcr, minor thing in the scheme of it.


dcr - Can you do anything about posters repeating themselves … :open_mouth: :grin:


dcr - Can you do anything about posters repeating themselves …


Is there a parrot in here?


Is there a parrot in here?


can you do anything about posters repeating themselves


I think something should be done about Puns.

They do my nut in and as the good Roman once put it ‘They are the lowest form of humor’ as he quaffed his Lynch Bages


I could ban Rochey if that helps?


We should ban anyone linking to that fucking plagiaristic shite site Hoganstand


ahead of it’s time, all those big new ‘news’ websites do the same thing.