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I just rebuilt the app and it seems to have fixed a few bugs.


Fair play Tayto! You’re work is most appreciated!


Thanks horse! :grin:


POTB Tayto.


Good stuff !


Fair play tayto I bet that bollox Willie joe could nt do that . 1 up for the Dubs :joy:


some of you will be glad to hear there’s a beta version of “ignore user” functionality on the site now, just click on the user you’d like to ignore and hit ignore user - you should no longer see posts by that user.


Can someone message me what Tayto wrote, I never read his shite :wink:


Fckunig class @Tayto lad! Yours was easy to find too!

And how do you mean ‘beta version’? There was no previous version??


It’s still in development, so might be buggy.


He’s gone forever! Woo hoo!


This news is good. I also see there is a mute feature… Has that always been there?




I’m getting this grey box with response that’s says ‘someone on your ignore list has replied to one of your posts’ is this the automated response from the CMS when you have users on your ignore lists?


yep … :yum:


let the sky grow dark with hats thrown aloft, good riddance yiz saps! *

*. not you, you’re sound


Ah bolloxs I could of save me self loads of pain :joy:


i can;t remember what it does but it’s not great.




A bit like Shane Long.

( cue Shane Long hat trick )