Site Suggestions


Most people think their icons are massive in fairness …


I’m getting a big ad to subscribe to the Farmers Journal??? I presume others are too. Targeted advertising me arse.


You are bogger curious


New update is gash on the phone . Menu keeps disappearing when ya scroll the page .


Yeah, since the new update, I keep getting all this crap about Liverpool fans in the Champions League thread.


It’s a strange UI tweak, not one I agree with.


Does the latest update/upgrade to the site automatically delete quotes from previous posts on some new posts?



Saw something about that the other day, strange, will have to look into it.


It does it if you are quoting the last post directly above yours. Happened to me a few times.


Let’s try that.


I see what you mean! :smile:


Rightbackatcha’ big guy !

Obviously, the site wouldn’t dare not quote anything I have to say. :blush:






Huh? Nope. Not happening me!


Is there an echo in here?






Anyone else seeing Shane Filan and his missus as the adds every time? I couldn’t give a ballix, why am I seeing this?


Everything fixed , was there an update ?