Site Suggestions


Think the server needs a reboot but on holiday in east cork - back tomorrow


Thoughts & prayers :pray::pray::pray:


Can suggest, if it’s possible that whoever runs the res dubs twitter account give an update when or if their are site issues.


I’m very sorry for your trouble.


Careful now, there’s 2 of them out there. One is the original host and owner’s private twattering machine, the newest is run by DCR (I think)


They’re both sh1te.

Anyway I joined the Kerry and Mayo forums today. This place is just gone totally unreliable. I don’t know a lot about computers but how hard (drive - geddit??) can it be to keep a few floppy discs loaded or have a server who will do his job along with the lad who is the main frame. Can the weather fellas not sort out a bit of back up in the clouds or something. It’s past a joke now.


I think it’s DCR I’m following, a pic of gilroy in his profile picture if I’m correct.


Nah… That’s @alanoc’s.


Lads, keep getting error 500, not loadeding threads. When I hit retry getting brought to 1st post on thread and having to schroll through full thread.


Turn it off and on again.


Tried that :grin: Can’t find the any key either


It’s under the door mat!!!


Site needs a reboot, will do after the match


So does the ref in the minor match!!!


Okay - should be running smoother now, server was clogged up with old backups which was maxing out the disk space causing glitches. The automatic backup system was saving all the file uploads which meant every backup was 2GB.


Dub09 isn’t gonna like that.


Has the layout changed ? Few categories missing on the mobile version


Click on more?


Yeah , that works , but there just used to more available before without having to click “more”.


True enough, obviously just the site software trying to make things more “use friendly”