Site Suggestions


Was just about to ask the same thing…
Updated my settings but the button is still there.



I didn’t see the “reject all” tab until I was finished checking all! Doh!


It probably stays there so you can change it later if you want .


Yeah but it covers over the post count box in my browser anyway. Could it be moved somewhere else?


I’ll see if I can make it smaller


Don’t be so fucking bourgeois.


Actually if you could move it that would be great as it’s very intrusive.


Don’t be so fucking bourgeois


Should it not automatically disappear once you’ve set your privacy settings…


No longer showing for me anyway


Still showing and so are ads, disabled everything …


I dont need new tyres!


Same here .


No. Have saved my settings twice & its still there blocking my view of threads in the main menu. When typing up a reply - like this one - it’s covering up the Download icon, so I can’t even upload a screenshot of what a massive pain in the hole it is.

Edit: Ok. There. That worked. Had to try 4 times though.


It’s disappeared off one device , buts it still there on another for me :neutral_face:
Must be a software issue here .


Can we not just throw a few bob into a kitty & send it on down to Cwark to cover the site administrative costs? Get Chairman Frank involved & we’ll probably get de gummernmint to throw in a handy few grand too.

The place has gone to the dogs since we let Nordies and Mayo people ads onto the site.


Meanwhile @Tayto cruises around Cork in his 182C C-class Merc …


This is quite funny.


Can’t get rid of the ■■■■■■■.


Would be grand on the left .
Maybe remove it altogether til its sorted .