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Funeral arrangements. GULPS


The death Nell …




Don’t you mean specsavers?


cant hear you


He said












r s


I’ll have a look, there’s something funny going on for sure


So it Is flashing the ad while the thread loads?


@Tayto will be telling us all to fcuk off soon … must be well on his way to the €€€ milion at this stage


Oh yea, those bitcoin lads pay well!


Out of curiosity, does the ad have to be clicked in order to get revenue ? Should we be clicking the ads to get a bit of income going to help run the site ?..


Still doing it today.
Pain in the hole.
I’ve tried to take a screenshot, but the page loads before I can.


Dun & Bradstreet ads now. I am seriously concerned, now!!! :frowning:


I think that is happening is, the ad is loading at the top of the topic, and then the site scrolls you down to where you are on the topic? … that’s whats happening on my phone anyways, but it happens pretty quickly and it’s bothering me too much.


Ads for Arsenal FC tickets no less!! Is Falcon taking ads here?


I’m getting adds for Newstalk - they must be trying to up their listener base after the slating they and OTB have got here over the last few days!!


Huge ad here for farm equipment. Who do they think I am ,old McDonnell ?


Ah here, leave it out … getting ads for funeral directors here. Has my missus been in touch with ye??


Is that new privacy settings button permanent or should it disappear after you save your preferences?