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I got an ad for a nice skincare moisturiser type of thing. It’s as if they knew! Good work Tayto, more of the same!


Yeah @ bongoslaw your skin has been vey dry of late …


My first add. “Custom outdoor living” a very fancy outdoor/indoor roofed patio with glass screened floating walls, reckon you wouldn’t get much change from €100k. Think they have mixed me up with JJF.


Tayto charges for more relevant ads.


Wow I got this ad! Do you reckon they’ll let me back after what happened the last time? Excira!


wtf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ulster University for me! Is the Jim McGuinness fella still studying?


I keep getting adds for ICmarkets asking me to invest with zero charge. They must think I have money or something


same with the wallets…


electric bikes for me … i was looking at electric bikes recently … bloody google


[quote=“Tayto, post:232, topic:332, full:true”]
electric bikes for me … i was looking at electric bikes recently … [/quote]

So you’re walking past an electric bike shop looking in the windows and now this. Fcuking spooky big brother stuff …


Bitcoin ads for me!


No adverts on mine at all…


Google ads spots skinflints from a mile away.


Ok. The ads on my phone are really starting to piss me off now.

I see this (or an ad) every time I click on a different thread. It takes up the whole screen for a few seconds, before a smaller version appears in the actual thread page when it opens. It takes up about 2/3 screen of my phone & I have to scroll down to see page contents. The screen shot is to scale. Something is effed up there, as on several other sites, the banner with the ad stays at the top of the page only.

It goes away after a few seconds, but seeing it every single time I switch threads, is a pain in the liathroidi. :rage:


My ad hasn’t changed since it started .


Is it for Off the Ball?




I got the times earlier followed by Dacia. It’s the price we pay. I hope to ■■■■ the culchie contingent on here are getting shown Dublins 3 in a row there ya go extrodinare DVD for sale in easons.


Online tarot card readings.