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I wonder does that ssl cert have anything to do with the chrome problems when posting? My browser is telling me I have an unsecure connect tion…


Very possibly. It’s a google driven incentive to make all sites have security out the ying yang.


Ah , using a different device now & ads have appeared , still chrome though on android.
Not sure what settings I have different on this that’s ads are showing & not on the other device .


Jesus , ads are fairly big.


I can see some of them now i’ll be tweaking.


Yeah it just appeared now when i went back to original device . You must have sorted that SSL too.


nope - wont be doing the SSL till next week - busy out here.


Can see adverts, but only when using my mobile. Still ad-free on my (work) laptop!


Declined all the cookies and 3rd party info etc.
So far no ads on my work PC


every time i switch page on the ipad an advert page pops up between switches.

on the pc the ads are on top.


Ah , maybe it was the accept cookies request ?


you gots to know your GDPRs from yer SSLs baby!


Don’t have ads on the phone. Do have them on the work PC. For the Irish Times…very la de da me ! :smiley:


Our long held and cherished amateur status gone … and for what … filthy fecking lucre … tis a sad day for Dublin GAA …


Indoor Skydiving in Belfast??? Someone having a laugh @Tayto. Thrown off the top of a building more like.


why the ■■■■ does it keep showing me Just Eat?


You order a pizza earlier ?


Hungry much. I keep getting aarsenil tickets. These algorithms know eff all.


Strange , from using for example , it shows ads for stuff I’ve bought or browsed on amazon.

All I’m getting here is littlewoods , though i browsed that about 2 weeks ago :thinking::thinking:


I’m even getting Spanish ads.