Site Suggestions


Cheers, will try that. Don’t want you missing out on my valuable contributions.


The site would be poorer for it TL.


Sarcastic ■■■■■■■!


I think he was being genuine.

Nah, not really.


Oh shit I forgot to include the little smiley things! :lying_face::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Though did it work? I had to switch to Firefox pretty piss poor browser


Is there ads now ? Not seeing anything on mobile site .


They’re on the way - and GDPR compliance - need to add an ssl as well


I’m getting ads on mobile version too


Should they be taking up half the screen? (Android browser)


Taking up at least half the screen, yes android…
I’d include a screenshot but then you’d all see what job and salary I’m after…


i can’t see the ads yet, will tweak them to be less in your face when i can see them


Grand. The first one or two were banners across the top before changing to big square yokes.


Weird , havent seen any yet .
Using chrome on android .


I havent either, might need to clear cache


I think the ads that will pop up on @Rochey’s browser will be the ones he wants in his face.




Secure cert for the site - to secure yizzers logins etc.



Definitely one for the Dublinese thread!


I don’t want an executive wallet, thanks lads.

I don’t want to install an ad blocker either…